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Many believe that the life of an artist is completely different from that of an ordinary citizen. And while there are differences, there are also similarities, and many. Like, for example, how to make the love of his life fall in love with him, his wife Pigeon Llanes, whom he met in a warehouse and had to convince through social networks to accept an exit. Thus began the love story of Eden Munozthe former vocalist of 50 caliber.

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During an interview for the RadioShow podcast, the now regional music soloist commented on how transcendental his wife is in his career. “She supports me from details that are very important to me: taking the children to another room and dealing with them all day, to looking at dad… (seeing him with his children)”Munoz said.

Eden even explained that Paloma sometimes works as a psychotherapist. “I am sensitive and sentimental, I express my feelings by crying or writing, then from the typical: ‘What do you have?’, opening up as if I were my psychologist”he asserted.

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The former member of Caliber 50 with his wife on vacation in Florida (Photo: Paloma Llanes / Instagram)
The former member of Caliber 50 with his wife on vacation in Florida (Photo: Paloma Llanes / Instagram)


Continuing with the theme of his wife, Muñoz was asked about how he made the now mother of his two children fall in love. The interpreter of “Chale” was encouraged and told the unknown story of that romance.

“Paloma is from Los Mochis, so am I, but I live in Mazatlán. And the first time I saw her was in a grocery store, a small self-service store, a cousin has one and that was the first time I saw her. She was going out and I was going in; I did see her, I think she didn’t see me, as Serrat said. Then I searched for her on Instagram, obviously I asked my cousin what her name is and she told me ‘Paloma’ ”he recounted.

Muñoz added that to convince her to give him a chance, he had to fight hard: “I hit the nail on the head and it was like the air of the Rose of Guadalupe. I wrote him: ‘I saw you at the store’ and that’s where it all started. I had a hell of a fight with my wife, she stood me up a couple of times, then I returned it to her ”.


At another point, she pointed out how she realized that she was the one. “She was the first (formal). And I always said that when a relationship took me out of the artistic context, I always said that it would be there”Eden Muñoz indicated.

On the other hand, the vocalist acknowledged that there is “Incredulity of any woman with the fact that they say ‘He is an artist’ and the typical stigma ‘They are always on tour, how many women will they have, he must have 500 children’. I imagine there is some disbelief and doubts, but I tried to make her feel safe: I took her to my parents’ house and told them ‘We formalized, this is Paloma’. Little by little we were winning over the families”.

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The couple has two children: Emilio and Matías (Photo: Paloma Llanes / Instagram)
The couple has two children: Emilio and Matías (Photo: Paloma Llanes / Instagram)


Edén Muñoz has released a song called “Chalino”, with which he was making a heartfelt tribute to the ‘King of the Corrido‘, Chalino Sanchezbut his intentions have remained just that, because his lyrics have made the family of the late artist upset and manifest it publicly.

Chalino’s wife Marisela Sanchez, gave an interview in which he talked about what happened with Muñoz’s new song and made it clear that he does not agree with it. According to what she claims, the song’s lyrics make it harmful to part of your familywho have the singer at the top of their memories.

“Regardless of me, it is a corrido that I see as harmful to the family”were some of his words.

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