Edén Muñoz writes an emotional song to the young woman

Eden Munozformer vocalist of the group 50 calibercomposed a song in memory of Debanhi Escobar and all those who are looking for someone missing.

“I dedicate this song to all who wish to find their loved ones and also to all who wish to be found, with much love and respect always,” the singer-songwriter shared.

The 31-year-old singer, born in Los Mochis, a city in the state of Sinaloa, dedicated the song especially to Debanhi, who
disappeared on April 9 in the state of Nuevo León.

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“The case of Debanhi Escobar and the thousands of people who suffer the same is too sensitive for me,” the author described in a post on his official Instagram account.

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Different artists shared their feelings after the publication of the song.

“What a beautiful song, I wish it were just a song and not the reality that we live daily in our country! I love you, compa,” Sherlyn wrote in her comment, while Sandra Echeverría commented: “Very sad.”

The song was published simultaneously on the singer’s Instagram and YouTube accounts and is accompanied by an illustration of the last photo Debahni circulated.

“How much silence in the house, I still don’t hear from you. Nothing is the same, my life, how I miss you. Follow your smell in the air, your things intact. I keep looking at your photos and I also continue without losing hope. Ha It’s been hell this time, I don’t know, I don’t know how to live if you’re not here.

“I’m not going to give up, I promised you, I don’t lose faith, I want to be at peace. I’m still looking for you, I won’t rest, I swear to you, I’m going to find you. I miss you, my love, and when we see each other again, we’ll rest”, says the lyrics of the song.

The case of Debanhi Escobar

Debanhi Escobar was found 13 days after her disappearance, which occurred on the so-called “Terror Route”, as local citizens call the area due to the extensive history of disappearances at that site, located at kilometer 15.5 of the highway from Monterrey to Nuevo Laredo.

Debanhi’s body was found in an abandoned cistern at the Nueva Castilla motel, which was very close to the place where she was last seen.

Debanhi’s father was still searching for his daughter, appearing on camera repeatedly to make clear his hope that the young woman would return home alive; However, it was not.

“My daughter is dead and I don’t know what to do,” said Mario Escobar, Debanhi’s father.

In addition, in the search for the young woman, the Nuevo León search commission found 5 more bodies, of which 4 were minors.


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