Eduardo Yáñez throws José Eduardo Derbez against a wall

JC Olivera/Getty Images;  Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images Jose Eduardo Derbez and Eduardo Yáñez

JC Olivera/Getty Images; Adrian Monroy/Media and Media/Getty Images Jose Eduardo Derbez and Eduardo Yanez

On the set of the series My uncle (pantaya), Jose Eduardo Derbez Not only did she suddenly experience the responsibility of caring for a child, but also physical blows. “There is a [escena] where [el personaje] from Eduardo Yanez He grabbed me by the neck and when he threw me the wall broke,” recalls Derbez smiling, who plays Andy, a heartbroken musician about to commit suicide.

However, thanks to her sister (Ariadne Diaz) asks him to take care of his 10-year-old hypochondriac son, he will learn what love is. “What I like most about my character [es] that suddenly you can hate it and love it at the same [tiempo]”.

John Parra/Getty Images Jose Eduardo Derbez and Ariadne Diaz

John Parra/Getty Images Jose Eduardo Derbez and Ariadne Diaz

So much love in front of the spotlight, maybe it has made Derbez want to become a dad in the short term? “Maybe yes, it’s not one of my big dreams either, if it happens, I’m delighted, well now it’s going,” says the comedian’s son Eugenio Derbez and the actress Victoria Ruffo. “But it would scare me a little, it’s not that easy.”

What has been more than simple for him is starring in this series. “[Es] a super interesting character with a great story and I feel that he has everything, he has comedy, drama, he leaves you a lot of message in the family matter”, he says. “It was very interesting and very funny, it is something in my career that I had never done . It was worth it!”.


ON VIDEO: Eugenio and José Eduardo Derbez go from experimenting with humor to loving it

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