Edwin Arrieta threatened to kill Daniel Sancho if he ended the relationship, according to Thai police

Details continue to grow in the media about the Edwin Arrieta murder case committed by Daniel Sancho, son of actor Rodolfo Sancho.

After learning last Sunday that Daniel Sancho pleaded guilty to the murder of Edwin Arrieta, more details are emerging about what happened and what happened when the son of Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho committed the crime. what was the context

Since then, the Spanish media have been following the case closely: what was the relationship between Daniel and Edwin, what was the chronology of events, what Daniel could do with Sancho’s sentence and in which case he could return to Spain or Why did he do this Sancho, what was it? Murder motive.

After finding out, as reported by the Thai press, Arrieta threatened Sancho. spread intimate and committed images of the 29-year-old chef, This Thursday they have joined hands with the Antena 3 program public mirrornew research data.

Adrien Fonsillas, correspondent in Thailand for the series, has contacted Koh Phangan to report known information. tracking mobile phone of crime writer Daniel Sancho. “In a chat recovered from Daniel’s phone, Edwin threatens to kill her if she finally decides to break up with him.“, revealed the journalist.

Furthermore, one of the leaders of the investigation, one of the 50 people involved, has assured that noor they are hurrying or working too hard By media pressure Nor because of social concern, but because of the seriousness of the murder, which acquires an urgent nature in order to be able to solve it as quickly as possible.

According to information accessed by Fonsilas, “hardly All the investigation will be over in three weeks, Despite the fact that the law gives them about three months. This will expedite the start of testing,” he assured on air.

In the meantime, police continue to detail and record footage from street cameras, in addition to waiting for the results of the DNA test. blood on the floor in hotel room,

The country’s police have no information about whether it was a premeditated murder or not. “No doubt”, “They are 100% sure and they are sure the judges will see it that way,” the correspondent said.

Until the trial date arrives, Sancho will remain in pre-trial custody.

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