EICMA 2021 – KL Raticosa, ready for adventure

The registration numbers speak for themselves: the crossover segment is the most successful in Italy. The KL brand has decided to jump into the fray by presenting its Adventure range. The one on display at EICMA 2021 is called 500 X Raticosa, as one of the most popular mountain passes for geeks, between Bologna and Florence, and is an easy-to-access crossover: light, undemanding to drive and extremely versatile. These are characteristics common to the other 500 proposed by KL, the Artiglio, with which there are several points of contact (click here to see how it is made). Even if the setting is different, in fact, they both have the same engine: a parallel twin of 500 cm³ with 8-valve twin-shaft distribution and liquid cooling. Performance promises to be manageable: 48 hp / 35 kW at 8,500 rpm and 43 Nm at 6,500 rpm, within reach of an A2 driving license.

19 and 17 inch wheels
Even the wheels have the same diameter as those of the Artiglio, 19 “the front and 17” the rear, as are the fully adjustable Kayaba fork, and the shock absorber (also Kayaba) adjustable in rebound, the brakes are Nissin with two daisy discs in front and one in back. The height of the saddle rises is 820 mm from the ground, while the weight is 178 kg, 5 more than the scrambler-naked.
Ultimately, the Raticosa is an Access Adventure with pleasant and captivating lines, aligned with the aesthetic canons of the moment and with some satisfying “gems”, such as the eye-catching bumper protections in tubes, the suitcase set and the front “beak”.

How much does the KL Raticosa cost
Price of 7,450 euros ex-dealer.

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