Eight movies worth watching on Movistar Plus+ after finishing the Los Angeles series ‘La Mesías’

You don’t need to be a prophet to know this ‘Messiah’ It will be on all lists of best series of the year. Movistar Plus+ This Thursday, November 16, the seventh and final chapter of the series created by Javier Ambrosi and Javier Calvo, aka Los Javis, will premiere.

This creative duo will fall for better or for worse, but it is undeniable that they have no bad series: ‘Paquita Salas’, ‘Veneno’, ‘Cardo’. Not a bad movie either: ‘The Call’. They now want to go for another one. He says that, after the success of ‘Veneno’ on Atresplayer (a project which Netflix apparently rejected), he was called from Hollywood. For a superhero. No way. He stayed in Spain. In Movistar.

Filming lasted for six months. ‘Messiah’ Macarena García (“La Otra Mirada”) and Roger Casamajor star as two estranged brothers who get in touch after watching a video clip of their younger sisters, members of a musical band reminiscent of Flos María . The character of one of them is played by ‘Operation Triumph 2017’ winner Amaiya. Ana Rujas, Lola Duenas and Carmen Machi play the mother roles.

Javis He has a good eye for the stories he tells and the selection of his actors, new and experienced, and he does not hide their influence as creators. ‘Messiah’ Has not been an exception. One of the true crime documentaries that made you think about cults is this story about cults ‘Wild Wild Country’ (Netflix). There are other inspirations like the documentary ‘the wolf Pack’About seven brothers locked in a New York apartment who learn what the outside world is like through movies and the Turpin Affair.

“We wanted to make a film that was like classic cinema. Especially like the films of Victor Aris ‘Soul of the Hive’ (1973) in which Anna Torrent was astonished to see ‘Frankenstein’ and in Chapter Three the relationship with cinema and children is very important. movies like ‘Holy Innocents’ (1984) and all the classic Spanish country house films, but also the cinema of Alice Rohrwacher: films like ‘Wonderland’ (2014) or ‘Lázaro Felice’ (2018), which tell rurality from a very realistic point of view, but also with a magical touch. In ‘Wonderland’, Monica Bellucci came out disguised as the Virgin and a television set was built in the middle of the countryside or the girls sang an Italian pop song in a barn. There is so much pop inside those houses you can almost smell it. That field. we also watched all the movies Regdas one of two Lucrecia MartelWith the feeling that like all disasters, a catastrophe is about to happen ‘the swamp’ (2001). The interesting thing is that when Enrique goes out we are very inspired by him ‘Donnie Darko’ (2001), where an airplane engine falls on a girl’s room and in this situation a tree falls… and we reach the world of music, which is very important in this series. Both movies and music. When Enrique dances on the walls of the punishment chamber it is a clear homage to the Fred Astaire film ‘Royal Weddings’ (1951) in which Fred Astaire does an incredible dance while spinning around the walls and ceiling of a room,” he says. Javis,

spirit of the hive

After the first two episodes of ‘Messiah’He Movistar Plus+ One in a row premiered, the third takes place in the same timeline and almost the same location, the mansion where a couple keeps their children captive; A portrait of childhood (and adolescence) under extraordinary circumstances, as they say, Javiswas born out of his fascination with Victor Aris’s first film, ‘Soul of the Hive’Ana Torrent took up acting when she was 6 years old.


It’s Pedro Almodovar. Francois Ozone. And there’s Xavier Dolan. The third put it in the pockets of critics ‘Mother’, his fifth feature film, and certainly especially with this scene. In Dolan’s cinema, which was very much like the ‘video clip’ in its beginnings, there is always a complex mother (she is usually with actress Anne Dorval) and a mother-child relationship. mother of ‘Mother’ Served as inspiration for the character of Montserrat in ‘Messiah’Played by Ana Rujas during the first two chapters.

erin brockovich

Julia Roberts’s ‘Erin Brockovich’Steven Soderbergh’s film about a woman who takes the world by storm created the character of Montserrat as a young woman who decides to flee her husband and the city with her two youngest children. Does it.


denis villeneuve (Canadians like Xavier Dolan) don’t have any bad movies either. But his filmography includes films that leave the worst scars, ‘Fire’It is an adaptation of a play about two brothers who seek to clarify their family’s past and eventually discover a terrible secret about their mother.

Cherry flavor

Abbas Kiarostami died in the summer of 2016 and Javis chose his most famous title as inspiration. ‘Messiah’ “His way of telling something poetic and simple, his true explanations and his delicate sense of humor.”

Apocalypse Now

Big words because one of Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpieces, ‘Apocalypse Now’, serves as a guide to the inner journey of the character Enrique, played by Roger Casamajor.

with family

Another Cannes regular, Corrida, is one of de Javis’s favorite directors. Thanks to ‘A Family Affair’ the Japanese were named Palme d’Or.


«The extreme pain that Gaspar Noé makes you feel was something we took as a reference for some scenes ‘Messiah’», says Los Javis.


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