Eitan, the man who helped grandfather kidnap the child arrested in Cyprus

As reported by the Corriere della Sera, the Cypriot police tracked Alon’s cell phone. The man is suspected of having been part of an American agency of contractors engaged in war theaters such as Iraq and Afghanistan and used to move with the most sophisticated techniques of coverage and anonymity.

The accusation and the reconstruction – According to the investigations, on 11 September Alon helped Shmuel Peleg to kidnap his nephew Eitan from the home of his paternal aunt, Aya Biran, who had been in foster care since the May 23 Mottarone cable car accident. In the tragedy, the little boy lost his parents (his mother was Peleg’s daughter), his two-year-old brother and a great-grandfather. The child was taken by car to Switzerland and from there to Israel aboard a private plane hired in the previous days by Alon for 46 thousand euros, which landed in Tel Aviv in the late afternoon.

Arrest warrants – Just two days after the kidnapping, at the request of the prosecutors, the investigating judge Pasquale Villani issued a custody order against the two men, which was followed by the European arrest warrant for Alon. With this procedure Alon could soon return to Italy. An international arrest warrant has also been issued for Peleg which, however, is unlikely to be carried out by the Tel Aviv authorities.

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