El Corte Inglés summer campaign activated depending on the weather

El Corte Inglés’ ads appeared only when the sun was shining and it was not raining, achieving over 10 million impressions and a 20% increase in click-through rate.

In a world where agencies and advertisers are constantly competing for consumers’ attention, El Corte Inglés has taken a step forward with an innovative summer campaign that has revolutionised the world of advertising.. Department store chain launches swimwear collection «Summer 2024» in a revolutionary way in Spain: taking advantage of Pelmorex CBAT (Conditional Ad Launch) technology and Eltiempo.es meteorological data allows you to target your advertising only on sunny days.

El Corte Inglés achieved absolute success in its summer campaign thanks to climate technologies

From May 8 to May 31, El Corte Inglés’ ads appeared only when the sun was shining and it was not raining, generating over 10 million impressions and a 20% increase in click-through rates. (CTR) compared to previous campaigns. This achievement not only highlights the ability of advertising to adapt to the times, but also distinguishes El Corte Inglés as a pioneer.

“Analysis of the implementation of campaigns in autonomous communities with more active weather This helped us improve the campaign’s performance. For example, from May 12 to 18, a storm hit northern and central Spain, leading to a decrease in impressions in these areas and an increase in Andalusia and Levante, without affecting the overall campaign,” he noted. David Sudzhar, Head of Business Department at Dentsu.

The weather influences not only our mood, but also our purchasing decisions. Vanesa Poderoso, Media and Sponsorship Director, El Corte Inglésnoted: “CBAT technology demonstrated how weather conditions can be used as a trigger to activate highly relevant and personalized advertising campaigns. This approach not only helped us improve the user experience, but also significantly increased the return on brand activity.”

Meteorology as an ally of advertising

In an advertising environment where Relevance and personalization are key, El Corte Inglés noted in a before and after. By integrating weather data into your advertising strategies, you not only optimize your reach, but also offer a unique and unusual experience. The Summer 2024 campaign invites you not only to enjoy the summer, but also reflects significant advances in how we understand and use advertising in the 21st century.

This achievement not only strengthens El Corte Inglés’ position as a leader in innovation, but also opens the door to future campaigns that use technology and data creatively and effectively.Without a doubt, the combination of fashion, technology and meteorology has proven to be a winning trio in the advertising strategy of the future.

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