El Gordo de la Primitiva: results of the draw on Sunday, June 30

Sunday, June 30, 2024, 8:00 p.m.

Gordo de la Primitiva draw results for today, Sunday, October 30, 2023, as soon as the draw ends, starting at 21:30. So, you can check the drawing, extra and return winning combination numbers online.

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The total amount of bets placed on state lotteries and betting was 2,589,491 tickets, with a collection of €3,884,236. The total prizes were €2,136,330. The published jackpot was €16.4 million.

La Primitiva is one of the most popular draws in Spain. And Gordo de la Primitiva is its big day, which is celebrated on Sunday on a big boat. State lotteries and bets celebrate their usual formula every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. The player must choose five numbers from 1 to 49 and a key number. This can be manual or random. Each bet costs one euro.

La Primitiva Awards

· First category: Five numbers of the winning combination and a key number.

· Second category: 5 rooms.

· Third category: 4 digits of the winning combination and a key number.

· Fourth category: 4 numbers of the winning combination.

· Fifth category: 3 digits of the winning combination and a key number.

App that refunds taxes on lottery prizes

win the entire lottery prize, no matter what. This is the goal of Laguinda, an innovative application that is responsible for paying lottery taxes to the Treasury. All Primitiva, Bonoloto and Gordo de la Primitiva tickets can be obtained from Laguinda. The procedure is very simple. The benefits are not only for the user, but can also be extended to the administration of the lottery. Innovation is one of the pillars of Laguinda, an insurance company backed by the public company Enisa, an organization dependent on the General Directorate of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. (Source: Jordi Dominguez Gris).

Primitiva Record in Vizcaya

Luck exploded in all its glory in Sestao in October 2023. That same month, a Sestao resident sealed the only validated ticket in the entire country in the manufacturing city, with a special category prize, six correct guesses and a cash refund. His reward, which probably kept him awake the night before: more than 39 million euros.

When Primitiva landed in Ortwell

Ariana Diaz, head of the Ortwella Lotteries Office No. 1, happily poses with a poster with a big prize.

Diana Martinez

Illusion played Ortwell in September. “It’s shocking, in fact it was a real surprise,” Ariane Diaz, in charge of managing the lottery number 1 at the end of Mendialde 10, told the newspaper. The joy of being awarded this prize overwhelmed her with emotion as it did so. managed the establishment for only a few weeks. “We’ve been open since August 7, everything is very new. We’re still getting an idea of ​​how the business is doing, and suddenly we get a call saying, “Hey, you gave away a prize!” advertising sign for yesterday’s big award. At least 1.3 million euros.


How to assemble La Primitiva?

While enjoying your lucky draw, you need to keep your cool and prepare everything to receive your ticket. For prizes under €2,500, the relevant administration will be contacted, while for other prizes, the winner must bring the bet slip to the bank and show their ID. These types of prizes are subject to identification and do not require a bank account. Payment can be made by deposit, cash, bank transfer or cheque.

What if I play halfway through with a lot of people? In bets with prizes equal to or greater than €2,500, you will have to go to the bank with each person’s ID to identify yourself and be able to cash the check.

Treasury liens

From 1 January 2020, prizes worth less than €40,000 are tax-free. That is, out of €40,0001, the Treasury will retain 20% of the total collection amount.

One tip for getting a prize if it’s split is to go to the pot with both winners with the tenth prize in hand. This will be a gift voucher where the bank will share the proceeds and it will only be paid to the Treasury once. If money is given away after receiving a prize, donation tax must be paid.

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