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✍ 23 January, 2023 – 13:03

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Is cannabis effective in treating lupus? Is there a cannabis treatment for thrombosis, phlebitis and thrombophlebitis? What lesser-known cannabinoids are considered promising for medicine?

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We talk to the Dr. Amanda Medeiros, internationally certified specialist in cannabinoid medicine and with practical experience in integrative general medicine.

Is cannabis effective in the treatment of lupus?

Yes, cannabis is a neuromodulator that acts directly on the immune systemand since lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease of autoimmune origintreatment with cannabinoids can help regulate this system, and also combat pain, which is a common symptom in lupus patients.

Is there a cannabis treatment for thrombosis, phlebitis and thrombophlebitis?

There are several studies that show a positive correlation between the use of medical cannabis and an improvement in blood circulation, which in turn is related to the aforementioned vascular diseases. We know that the CB2 receptor captures THC, which brings benefits to the circulation.

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However, it must be taken into account that, as in other diseases, cannabis is not the ultimate solution; but, combined with other medications and changes in the habits of the patients, It can contribute to the general improvement of conditions such as phlebitis and arthritis, among other inflammation-related diseases.

What lesser-known cannabinoids do you see as promising for medicine?

I like him a lot cannabigerol (CBG), is a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and is considered the father of all cannabinoids, as it transforms into the many others we know of. I also like the cannabinol (CBN), a by-product of THC, as it is an excellent sleep inducer and muscle relaxant. The cannabichromene (CBC) It is a powerful antifungal or antifungal and bactericide, very interesting for topical use.

Via Smoke Buddies, translated by El Planteo

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