El Salvador promises to win the 2023 Central Caribbean Games challenge

San Salvador, Jan 2 (Prensa Latina) El Salvador opens 2023 with the great challenge represented by the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, from June 23 to July 8.

The general director of the Organizing Committee, Dinora Acevedo, an enthusiastic and passionate woman with the event, bets today that they will be the best in the history of these events, the oldest regional muscle festival in the world.

The competition, according to the directive, will undoubtedly be a success and there is no lack of experience since the small nation already hosted the 1935 and 2002 competitions.

In recent statements to Prensa Latina, Acevedo promised that at the beginning of this year some aspects that will be part of the upcoming edition will be known and the promotional campaign will begin at a national and international level.

“One of the big things that is coming up in January is the launch of the brand, I think that is what will give us a great boost to say here we are, the games are going, they are a reality, they are a big event and convince the population, the sponsors and the whole world to be part of this challenge that we have”, he said.

He highlighted in statements to the press that 2022 left important advances in the organization of the Games with a coordinated work of a “Sports Cabinet” in which different state organizations joined the leadership of the president of the Committee, Yamil Bukele.

We are going at a good pace and almost “we have ready the tools that we are going to need to carry out the games”, said the official who praised the performance of the “Cabinet” and pointed out that at the level of strategy and commitment “all (the instances) have risen to this ship.”

Salvadorans work hard for the event that will host more than 25 thousand people including athletes, managers, judges, referees, journalists and tourists.

Despite the concerns of unbelievers, Salvadorans are convinced to complete the remodeling of the facilities that will house the nearly 5,400 athletes who will seek Central American glory and qualify for other higher-level events.

For the next few days Acevedo promised “some important announcements”, among them, the disclosure of the emblems and the mascot, as well as many other details for the long-awaited fair.

54 sports are scheduled in 21 venues, such as the “Mágico” González stadium, the iconic sports venue of the Games, which will also hold competitions in various disciplines at the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic sub-venue.


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