Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Complete Guide with all Cheats, Maps, Bosses and NPC Quests for 100% Completion – Elden Ring

Our ultimate Shadow of Airdtree guide covers the best weapons and strategies to avoid getting stuck.

DLC “Ancient Ring” The Shadow of Erdtree, is without a doubt one of the biggest releases of all of 2024. Far from being a modest content pack, this is the most ambitious expansion FromSoftware has brought us. Full of powerful bosses, mysterious characters and many secrets.find 100% of this new adventure it can be difficult.

If you don’t want to miss anything about this adventure from the team behind Hidetaka Miyazaki, here’s a complete guide with everything you need to know. From general tips and tricks to best weapons or deep strategiesWith this master guide, you won’t leave any secrets untold.

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Review of “Shadow of Airdtree”

Since Shadow of the Erdtree is an expansion pack, certain requirements must be met to play it. In addition to I will teach you to observe thisIn this section of the guide we have other details such as editions, how the Shadowlands unique progression works, as well as an interactive map that will be very, very helpful.

Bosses and Enemies

It’s clear that few things are as important at heart as the bosses and enemies you’ll face. Below are all the story bosses, in addition to the optional ones, along with their locations and different strategies to defeat them without breaking your hair.

Resources and weapons

It is clear that to complete such a difficult DLC you will need the best items. Because the Fragments of a shadow treethat make you stronger, better weapons and talismans, powerful summons and ashes of war that you must have, that’s all everything you need Don’t let anyone stop you from expanding.

NPC Quests and Secrets

Last but not least: Shadow NPC Airdtree They have some of the most important quests in all of Elden Ring. Don’t miss out on a shoutout to our guides and learn all the secrets in this new area full of secrets and hidden locations.

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