Elden Ring, Stray, God of War Ragnarök and more: the 10 most completed games of the year

(Photo: Bandai Namco)
(Photo: Bandai Namco)

Elden Ring it was one of the great phenomena of 2022. Since it was launched in the first part of the year, on February 25, the title became the center of conversation and managed to remain relevant over the months, even being crowned as Game of the Year at The Game Awards, the most prominent award in the gaming industry.

Another data that reaffirmed the impact of the game came from the hand of HowLongToBeat, the account that reviews the average time it takes players to reach the end of a title. According to the profile, Elden Ring was the most completed proposal of 2022 and ranked in the top of the top 10. But it was not the only list that he completed, since it was also the most abandoned.


With a very different proposal, second place was taken by stray, the game starring a kitten that gets lost in a dystopian environment. The title, with a duration of approximately six hours, successfully managed to allow players to put themselves in the role of the protagonist thanks to all the characteristics that one would expect from these animals: meowing, throwing elements from any surface, crossing between the legs of the robots that inhabit that world or scratch furniture.

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Third place went to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the title of the popular franchise that arrived in the first part of the year and that moved users to the Hisui region, a feudal version of Sinnoh. In fourth place appeared God of War Ragnarokthe game that closed the Nordic saga for the series and that quickly established itself as one of the most important proposals of 2022, reaping a large number of awards at The Game Awards.

God of War Ragnarök (screenshot: PlayStation 5)
God of War Ragnarök (screenshot: PlayStation 5)

Fifth place was occupied Horizon Forbidden West and followed him Kirby and the Forgotten Land. The seventh space was left for TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge -which during the first quarter of this year will be found for free in the Netflix Games catalog- and the eighth most completed was tunicone of the most challenging proposals of 2022. The list was closed Opening Desk Job Y A Plague Tale: Requiem.

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