Eleonora Wexler: “The ‘Last First Day’ reveals a cruder adolescent universe”

Eleonora Wexler plays a policewoman in “Last First Day”, a criminal thriller set in a high-class high school that lands this Thursday on the Flow platform. In an interview, the actress stressed that the series reveals a “cruder and much less naive” adolescent universe.

“Until now, no Argentine fiction had shown anything else,” Wexler said in statements to this agency during the presentation of the fiction directed by Diego Palacio (“Post mortem”, “Stockholm”) that he leads together with Spanish actor Marc Clotet, Rafael Spregelburd , Ana Celentano and Juana Viale.

The cast, eminently youthful, is completed by Minerva Casero, Santiago Achaga, Lautaro Rodríguez, Lion Federico Bagnis, Candela Saitta, Diego Benedetto and Agustina Benavides.

The series, co-produced by StoryLab and written by Lucas Molteni, Nacho Viale, Sol Levinton, Ricardo Morteo and Diego Palacio, offers a period fresco where excesses, hormones, the eternal adolescent search to belong and an unexpected tragedy coexist.

It is that in the midst of the lack of control of a party of the “last first day” of fifth year, organized by students of a prestigious school in a coastal city, between synthetic drugs and sex, Joaquín Vergara (Clotet), the charismatic biology teacher, is murdered. of the institution.

The crime takes place while Victoria Duval (Wexler), a police officer who had been transferred to the City of Buenos Aires after the death of her daughter, returned to her hometown to throw her ashes into the sea.

Actress Eleonora Wexler plays a policewoman in "last first day"a crime thriller set in a high school.
Actress Eleonora Wexler plays a policewoman in “Last First Day,” a crime thriller set in a high school.

With a starting point for the character reminiscent of other female investigators on the small screen with their own scars who risk everything to solve a crime, such as the journalist played by Amy Adams in “Sharp Objects” or the police officers played by Kate Winslet in “Mare of Easttown” and Elisabeth Moss in “Top of the Lake”, Duval will search the investigation for more than just those responsible.

“She decides to take the case to investigate who killed him and because, in addition, there is some healing in relation to the tragic death of her daughter,” said the actress with more than four decades of experience, who recently headed in the cinema “Yo nena , I am a princess” and shone in theater with “La maldecida de Fedra”.

In each of the eight episodes that make up the proposal, Agent Duval will conduct interrogations with skill and detail in order to unravel the secrets that can help answer the unknowns of the case.

– What was it that seduced you from this proposal?

– Eleanor Wexler: Diego Palacio, Nacho Viale in Storylab, told me: “We have a story that I would like you to read, to see if you like it”. So I started reading all eight chapters and devoured it. Right there I told him: “I want to do it.” I liked this thriller thing mixed with this world of teenagers, moments of drama, characters who seem to have a lot to hide and, in the middle, this policewoman who decides to take on the case because, somehow, the crime is related to the death of his daughter.

– What challenges did you have playing Victoria, who in addition to being a policewoman is a mother who lost her daughter?

-EW: If you see her in flashbacks from the past she was not the Victoria she is now: losing her daughter in such a horrible way blocked her feelings and she dedicated herself to work. Everything else had no more place.

– In Argentina, the Police is an institution associated with an imaginary that is not usually positive. How was it to build your character from that place?

-EW: To put together my character, I imagined a woman who was a police officer from a coastal town and towns have this “small town” thing, where everyone knows everyone. But I didn’t work with her from the “policewoman” side, but from the side of a mine that she dedicates herself to, she likes what she does and based on what she happens to her, she becomes much more addicted.

– From the title the series aims to reflect a very recent tradition related to lack of control and a conceptualization about the adolescent who is not usually represented on the screen…

-EW: I have a teenage daughter who is about to turn 18 and after doing this series I began to ask myself: “what’s up? How much do I know about what he does?” And the “last first day” is us adults who allow certain things too. I think there is something that comes with adolescents and that is that now there are certain prejudices that no longer exist related to sexuality, with which there are no labels. In fact, the name of the series was going to be that because there are no real labels: they are, they feel, they live.

– What is the challenge for national fiction to position itself in a market with so much supply?

-EW: The more supply there is, the stronger we have to become as an industry and raise the bar of what we are going to tell more and more. There is talent, there are directors, there are authors, there are actors, very talented people behind the camera and every time the bar has to be higher to be able to compete.

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