Elías Burbara reacts surprised to the strong statements of Potro Gutiérrez and also talks about his relationship with Héctor Vargas


Royal Spain regained hope after a disastrous start with four defeats that cost Mexican coach Raúl “Potro” Gutiérrez his head. The board made the decision to appoint the Argentine Hector Vargas and so far the results are more favorable than expected.

Machine” He has five consecutive wins and from being in last place now they have been, for the moment, one behind the leader and these results have generated optimism in the fans, but also among the top leaders starting with their president Elijah Burbara.

The manager also revealed in an interview with DIEZ that he has been surprised with everything written “Potro” Gutiérrez on Saturday late at night specifically attacking Luis “Buba” López, Jhow Benavídez and Ramiro Rocca, also insinuating doping issues in the club without going into details.

How have you taken the change of DT and the good results you have obtained?

We go day by day. We are obviously happy with the team’s reaction, but these victories are useless if we don’t win the games in May, which are the important ones.

What is the reason for such a drastic change in terms of results and yields?

The team has been ready to compete at the highest level for a long time, obviously some extra ingredients were missing, we hope that with Professor Vargas we can be at the top of our potential.


Do you feel that the players were not trying hard enough with the previous manager and is it a cause for concern that this behavior has occurred in your club?

If this locker room wasn’t professional, they wouldn’t have reacted the way they did. So I shouldn’t worry about anything. We are always going to support this group of players, we trust them, and we know that soon they will give us the happiness that the fans are longing for.

And precisely due to the immediate change in the results, the phrase appeared that “they made the bed” for Potro. Do you think something unusual happened or to what do you attribute the improvement in results?

There is no such thing close to that. Don’t fall for street phrases. Sometimes things just stop working. I don’t think it’s Raúl’s fault, nor the players’. The gears of the Machine simply did not line up as they should from the final to matchday 4.


Do you recover the illusion of being able to fight for the title again?

That illusion is non-negotiable. We will always be longing for a new title.

What did you like about this new stage?

See the excited fans. We owe it to them, and their mood is very important to us.

What do you think of Héctor Vargas now that you treat him personally?

We have had little interaction. He has been working hard for the club and that makes me happy. Surely there will be plenty of time to spend with him. At the moment I feel that Real España is in good hands and will have my full confidence and support.

Do you feel that it was the right decision for the project beyond the good results today?

Only time will prove us right, but the margin of error is certainly much smaller.

Raúl Gutiérrez has launched some strong comments against players on his Twitter account. Did Potro’s attitude surprise you?

I was greatly surprised, but my thanks always go to him. He took the team into a compromising position and got us racing again. So for him I only have thanks.

At some point did he express to you those disagreements with the soccer players he mentions?

Internal team issues remain internal. Javier (Delgado) made many administrative corrections to keep all of Raul’s demands up to date.

Has there been any case of positive doping in Real Spain for the same reason that Potro pointed out?

The club has had its own doping control protocol for many years. And as you can understand, part of that protocol is the reliability of the process and discretion. So I can’t refer to any controls publicly. The only thing that I can guarantee you is that, due to our regular controls, no player has participated in an official match illegally.

How was the relationship between the club and the coach?

There is a saying that bridges should never be destroyed, so I hope to maintain good communication with Raúl in the future.

Did Diego’s departure in Motagua surprise you after 8 years?

Yes. The truth surprised me. I hope that he gets a good team soon and that Motagua does well with Obando.

How do you see the championship, do you always see Olimpia as the main candidate?

I’ve always said it, to be champions you have to beat Olimpia. In December we couldn’t, hopefully a rematch in May.

Are you already thinking about the renewal of Ramiro Rocca?

Javier is already aware of all the contracts that are expiring and we trust that he will not let the team disarm.

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