Eliminated from MasterChef: he accused of cheating on the reality show because of the stability of Romina Marcos

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Romina Marcos, The one who revealed that he suffers from herpes zoster, angered users of social networks who follow the reality show MasterChef Celebrity.

Influencer earns place in semi-finals of culinary event aztec tvAn action that dissatisfied the viewers of the project that La Casa de los Famosos left behind this season.

During the broadcast, the people who faced the black apron in “the most famous kitchen in Mexico” were Eduardo Capetillo Jr. and Mónica Dion, Nirca’s daughter.

The challenge involved preparing pasta. The participants watching everything from the balcony were former beauty queen Irma Miranda and former football player Paco Palencia.

At the end of the competition, chef Alfonso Cadena explained that the three contestants who faced each other had a high level of delivery:

“There was an extraordinary dish, a very rich and a good one. The level is commendable, it’s the commitment and effort of the culinary arts. It has been a real pleasure”, said the gastronomy expert.

when referring to the plate Romina Marcos, The judges agreed that it was a meal that “managed to concentrate the flavors in the right way and with the right portions.”

Hearing those words, the girl expressed the following: “What? morning masterchef celebrity 2023 semi finalist, Really it’s just that guys, don’t ask me how I got here, I don’t know.”

That comment was enough for internet users to doubt the girl’s arrival in the final stage of the competition. In this sense, he labeled the program a fraud.

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Why was MasterChef celebrity viewer upset with Romina Marcos?

people thought about it neurka’s daughter He shouldn’t have stopped in the semi-finals as he presented ‘no joke dishes’ throughout the chapter; He also mentioned that his mother had paid for him to reach this point in broadcasting.

“How much money will you drop indecent mother?”; “Romina is saying ‘I don’t know how I got here.’ We really don’t know how he got this far without knowing how to cook”; “Monica, Ana Patricia or Liz deserved that spot more than Romina’s ‘crying’ Marcos”; “(he said) ‘not me Know how I reached here. The whole public knows that it is because of the favoritism of the cooks”, netizens indicated in their comments after the broadcast that The one who got eliminated was Monica Dion.

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