Elisabeth Moss and Wagner Moura together against paranoia

Apple TV+ presents the trailer for ‘The Luminaries,’ the new suspense series starring Elisabeth Moss, premiering worldwide on Friday, April 29.

Apple TV + has presented the trailer for The Luminaries, the series that will have its world premiere on Friday, April 29. This metaphysical thriller stars the Emmy-winning actress Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale, Mad Men), and is produced by Appian Waythe film and television production company founded by Leonardo Dicaprio and co-directed by Jennifer Davissonwho worked with the actor and González Iñárritu on the film the revenant.

Let’s not forget that DiCaprio’s production company deserves a separate chapter. Since its founding, Appian Way has been responsible for an innumerable list of smash hits, almost all naturally starring the actor, both in fiction and documentary.

In addition to the mentioned the revenantother movies like The wolf of Wall Street, The Aviator or Shutter Islandand even those ides of march from George Clooney, are some of the examples. DiCaprio’s commitment to the environment has led him to produce Virunga, Cowspiracy or Sea of ​​Shadows.

The Luminaries is the second television series to be produced by Appian after Chosen for glory that from the hand of Disney + saw the light in 2020.

The Emmy winner Michelle McLaren (breaking bad) directs the first two episodes. The surprise comes with the showrunner of the project, in charge of adapting the homonymous novel and coordinating the team of writers. Is about silka louisan unknown production company with very little experience that has appeared like a mushroom in the television industry.

Luisa not only opens this year The Luminariesbut a few days ago Prime Video announced that she would be in charge of blade runner 2099television series set in the universe of bladerunner which will serve as a sequel to both the iconic 1982 film and blade runner 2049. To say the least, the case of Silka Luisa is surprising.

Based on the bestselling novel by Lauren Beukes, The Luminaries follow the steps of Kirby Mazrachi (Moss), a Chicago newspaper archivist whose dream of becoming a journalist is put on hold after surviving a brutal attack that leaves her inhabiting an uncertain reality. When Kirby learns that a recent murder is linked to her assault, she teams up with the veteran and troubled reporter. Dan Velazquez (Wagner Moura) to discover the identity of your attacker.

Showrunner Silka Luisa’s biggest influences are the works of occultists, Tolkien, and conspiracy theorists.

As they realize that several cold cases are inextricably linked, Kirby’s blurred reality and personal traumas allow their assailant to always stay one step ahead of them. The gripping thriller also stars Jamie Bell (that Billy Elliot), who apparently plays the psychologically unbalanced villain, and Phillipa Soo, Chris Chalk and Amy Brenneman.

The eight-episode series will premiere globally on Apple TV+ with the first three episodes followed by a new episode each Friday.

But who is Silka Luisa?

From the very little information that there is about this elusive screenwriter on the internet, we have found a bio from 2012 published by Film Independent, the organizing foundation of the Spirit Awards. According to that information, Luisa grew up in Miami with a tremendously superstitious Dominican mother with psychic abilities.


One of the few photos we have of the mysterious Silka Luisa.

He has received the IFP-Marcie Bloom Fellowship, the HSF McNamara Grant, and the prestigious Arthur Krim Award from Columbia University. She and she graduated from Columbia University having completed Film Independent’s Project Involve Fellowship.

Its greatest center of influence are the works of the occultistswho develop knowledge of a dogmatic nature, such as magic, alchemy, divination… which since ancient times have sought to study the secrets of the universe. Other fundamental references for her are Tolkien and conspiracy theorists (?), and spends his days writing stories that turn the mundane into the fantastic.

Written by Serialized (@serialized) in February 2022.

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