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Through her characters on television, Elisabeth Moss has narrated different female struggles. She was Peggy Olson in mad man, a secretary who, thanks to her creativity, jumps into the world of advertising, dominated in the 1960s by a male environment; she later played detective Robin Griffin in Top of The Lakewho investigates the disappearance of a 12-year-old girl.

But without a doubt, in his more than 30-year career, his emblematic character is june osbornefrom the series The Handmaid’s Talefor which he won two Emmys and two Golden Globes.

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Moss thus became one of the most influential women on American television. in chat with The Sun of Mexicoon the occasion of the premiere of his new project brightthe actress celebrated the fact of having been at the moment when the industry began to tell female stories.

“I have been a witness and part of that change, for the last 25 years. I remember when people were starting to highlight the fact that there were three female leads on television. With mad man (series that launched her to fame) at first it was about men, and later people realized that it was more about women, “he explained.

The series in which she stars and which counts among the team of executive producers herself and Leonardo DiCaprio is based on the homonymous book by Lauren Beukes, and the adaptation was carried out by Silka Luisa.

The story follows in the footsteps of kirby (Moss), an archivist, whose dream of becoming a journalist is cut short after suffering a brutal attack that affected her perception of reality.

His quiet routine takes a turn when he finds out that a recent femicide is related to his attack, and he teams up with reporter Dan Velazquez (Wagner Moura), to try to discover the identity of his attacker.

Elisabeth, who also directed two episodes of brightsaid she was happy with her character, and explained that the way of exposing her pain, and that of the rest of the victims, was something that they thoroughly reviewed, to address it with the respect it deserves.

“We did it very consciously, it was a conversation that we had with the whole team, to make sure that we portrayed it honestly, and without taking the truth out of the violence, but not making it the focus either.”


Accompanying Moss in this project is Jamie Bell, who plays the role of the aggressor and acknowledged having difficulty empathizing with his character. To prepare it, he read many books, and even heard confessions from real murderers, but he confessed that these were not enough to understand how someone is capable of dehumanizing another, in order to commit an aggression.

The most surprising thing for him was realizing the capacity of deception that these people have. “Human beings are very complex, because the ability to lie and cheat has no limits,” he said.

“These serial killers harm and do terrible things, but they don’t walk around saying ‘I’m the monster of the village’, they have normal lives, they drop their children off at school, they go out to dinner with their wives, they take care of their sick grandparents. . They can dissociate from something, and also create empathy at the same time, we are very confused animals.

The actor made a call to find in this story a space for reflection on what the victims live, and the importance of listening to them even years after being attacked.

“Violence and trauma don’t end after the physical damage is healed, it continues, and it changes. It penetrates your life and changes your relationships with those around you, it is a wound that does not close, ”she said.


Wagner Moura, in the role of reporter Dan Velazquez, recalled old times because before becoming an actor he himself briefly worked as a journalist, a stage in which he met colleagues with whom they remain in contact to date.

During his talks, the Brazilian has seen first-hand the conflicts that the union experiences in Latin America, so he took advantage of this project to pay tribute to his work.

“The way President Bolsonaro of Brazil treats journalists is bad, we must have a response to it. Whether it’s now that we’re talking about it, or in a series, when you see a broadcaster properly doing his job and being respected for it, it makes me proud to play someone like that.”

Moura explained that the experience he had as part of the production of narcsa series in which he played Pablo Escobar and later behind the scenes, also opened his eyes to the dark panorama that exists in Mexico.

“I directed two episodes of Narcos: Mexicoone of the main plots is that of the journalist who enters to investigate the cartels, in the investigation I was surprised by the number of Mexican journalists who were murdered for doing the same work.

bright It premieres this April 29 on the Apple TV + platform, it is suitable for teenagers and adults.

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