Elisabeth Moss Says ‘Shining Girls’ Contains ‘Genre-Changing Elements’


Spoiler alert: This article contains minor spoilers for Shining Girls.

We are simple people: we see Elisabeth Moss on a new show and automatically decide to binge. Of course, that’s exactly what we did when Apple TV Plus launched its new series Shining Girls.

Based on the 2013 novel of the same name, the show follows Kirby (Elisabeth Moss), a woman who survives a brutal attack; Years later, she finds herself in an “ever-changing reality” and soon learns that a “recent murder is related to her assault” on her, according to the synopsis.

Kirby soon begins working with Dan Velázquez (Wagner Moura), a veteran reporter who helps her understand her “ever-changing present and confront her past.” Okay, we know that sounds a bit confusing, so you might be thinking: What genre is Shining Girls?

Here is everything we know.

Source: Apple TV PlusWhat genre is ‘Shining Girls’?

On the surface, Shining Girls is a full-fledged thriller; however, star Elisabeth Moss believes the series is much more than that.

The 39-year-old actress recently told Rotten Tomatoes that she’s never really worked with a genre like this before; Sure, we can see her similarities to her other notable roles, however, there are aspects that make her work in Shining Girls something completely different.

Elisabeth, who is also an executive producer and director on the series, noted that Shining Girls is a mystery with “genre-swapping elements.” Wow, it sounds like Apple TV Plus loves creating genre-bending productions (yes, we’re talking about The Afterparty).

Is ‘Shining Girls’ science fiction?

Given its time travel elements, it’s safe to say that Shining Girls is science fiction. The series also features some form of multiverse, as Kirby’s reality is so unstable that she sometimes wakes up completely confused about her life.

Kirby sometimes lives alone with her cat Grendel; other times, she lives with her mother and Grendel is a dog. In other cases, she is married to a man whom she only remembers as a colleague.

Source: Apple TV Plus

It’s all very strange, but multiversal stories are extremely popular right now, as evidenced by the success of A24’s Everything Everywhere All at Eleven and Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

New episodes of Shining Girls drop every Friday on Apple TV Plus.


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