Elisabeth Moss’ series teaches all sadistic killer thrillers a lesson

AppleTV+ continues to surprise with his series. He has few but the vast majority (if not all) leave their mark. The platform began its journey slowly but surely, and right now it is one of the most reliable corners when it comes to finding overwhelming, quality series with good stories. There are bets for all tastes and after recently leaving us amazed with Pachinko in dramaWeCrashed as a biographical bet and Slow Horses in the thriller, now it’s time to talk about (and applaud) The luminous (The shining girls).

Starring Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) Y Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) This adaptation of the novel by Lauren Beukes tells us a sinister and twisted story about a sadistic killer and the only surviving victim who tries to find him. With each installment, the series adds loose pieces to a puzzle as intelligent as it is unexpected, which is impossible to decipher until the end.. And in the process it has left a lesson for similar thrillers to take note of.

Elisabeth Moss in 'The Luminous' (courtesy of Apple TV+)

Elisabeth Moss in ‘The Luminous’ (courtesy of Apple TV+)

Elizabeth Moss plays Kirby, an archivist at a newspaper who upon meeting her in the first episode is presented as an insecure and lonely woman, withdrawn into her own world. But then we discover her story: years ago she suffered a brutal assault and, since then, her life has become the most unstable bubble possible. Her mind plays tricks on her as her surroundings and memories of her change suddenly and without warning, transforming her reality as she lives with the trauma.

However, Kirby begins to take charge when he discovers that the criminal who nearly claimed his life is a serial killer played by Jamie Bell. Their modus operandi is to observe and stalk women until he kills them by cutting open their abdomens, leaving an artifact inside. With the help of a reporter played by Wagner Moura (Pablo Escobar in narcs), begins to discover an apparently inexplicable case, with dozens of victims over the years but with a murderer who never changes his appearance.. In this way, the series plays between thriller and science fiction, creating a universe where the tables, scenarios and realities change without notice while we gradually discover intentions and plots. the luminous makes us unable to let go of it, setting its sights on our attention span as a trump card for success. Here everything revolves around the mystery, who is the murderer? Why does he do it? Where does he come from? How does he do it? Because he is always one step ahead of his victims, he knows his every move, he appears out of nowhere and no one ever sees him commit his crimes.

In short, when you get carried away with this series, you’re continually trying to figure out what’s next, what’s the next reveal, what’s going to surprise you next. Because each episode is going to contribute new data that give meaning to the investigation of the plot… until the sixth arrives. A chapter that turns the tables and teaches a lesson to thrillers about murderers and dangerous villains.

Jamie Bell in 'The Luminous' (courtesy of Apple TV+)

Jamie Bell in ‘The Luminous’ (courtesy of Apple TV+)

In total, the series is made up of eight chapters, and at the time of writing this article, the seventh is already available. During the first five the series becomes a mental exercise for the viewer, trying to connect incomprehensible dots because many contextual factors that give meaning to the plot have not yet been revealed. But suddenly we see the light. And it is that the sixth chapter turns it into a series that goes beyond a study of the trauma of the victim, the thirst for revenge and a detective plot. It becomes a character study, intertwining everything we saw with the reveal of that very sinister villain.

Suddenly, in the sixth episode Kirby and all his research and trauma disappear, to put the focus on Harper Curtis. The murderer. After spending half a series stuck in a confusing nebula, the production reaches out to the viewer, focusing on who Harper is, where she comes from, and how she manages to be everywhere, at any time. It is the most revealing chapter and, in my opinion, the best of the series so far.

The episode allows Jamie Bell to shine in his performance. To be honest, I have long considered him to be one of the most underrated actors in his industry, being an actor capable of transforming into all kinds of characters as he shows the luminousand has already shown in movies like Skin. The former Billy Elliot can be as charming as he is seductive, sinister as well as sadistic, and it is in this episode that we discover motivations, explanations and origins, turning the series around and its focus so radical and successful that it turns our attention. Because from that moment we focused on him. The investigation and the rest of the victims that we investigated in five chapters take a backseat. Now we want to know more about him. Discover more of his history and the motivation behind his horrific murders.

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And so the luminous ends up teaching detective thrillers about sadistic killers a lesson. Because it divides the attention between the victim or investigation with the murderer as a character. He is not just a villain, but there is a portrait, background, history and many layers to discover, just as he did The silence of the inocents. It is not a villain to fear because he is a psychopath, period. Nope. the luminous investigates, exposes and dissects and, together with a masterful performance by Jamie Bell, manages to raise the quality of the series to another higher level.

Of course, Elisabeth Moss is as sublime as ever, but her character is tinged with features that provoke déjà vu. And it is that her thirst for revenge, contained rage with tears in her eyes, take us back to similar interpretations as in The Handmaid’s Tale Y The invisible man. Those who have not seen these works will then discover Elisabeth the best, however, for those of us who know her roles very well, she loses the element of surprise a bit.

In any case, the luminous It’s an unmissable series. One of those that keep us on our toes and turn us into detectives from the sofa at home, leaving us speechless and stunned with revelations that we never would have imagined.

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