Elizabeth Gutiérrez accelerates the pulse of William Levy in an SUV

Elizabeth Gutiérrez and William Levy announced their final separation after several years together and with two children, but now a photograph is coming to light that they say will probably accelerate the actor’s pulse. Keep reading…

Elizabeth Gutierrez Y William Levy They formed one of the most beloved couples in Mexico and the world of entertainment, sharing different events, special occasions, birthdays and celebrations on their social networks that made all their fans fall in love for years.

Surprisingly and after the rumors of separation, they finally confirmed that they are no longer together, which for many meant difficult news to process because of the beautiful family they created with the arrival of their two children and an impressive environment of stability after long-standing coexistence.

Now that they are separated, we cannot forget that both, in addition to their passion for acting, also have a second detail in common such as the love for cars in various styles, whether luxury, sports and off-road that are found in the exclusive garage. from your home.

On the other hand, the actress and model of renowned international beauty brands surprised everyone by posing in a photograph supported by the most quintessential off-road vehicle that surely, according to several fans, could rekindle the flame of love in her ex-partner.

The vehicle itself is a Range Rover luxury, powerful off-roader with power of 177 CV (130 kilowatts) – 396 CV (291 kilowatts) and 4-speed synchronous transmission, ideal for traveling with the family, where the model and actress posed like never before and surely, William Levy’s pulse quickened.

+Look at the photo that is on everyone’s lips:

Elizabeth Gutierrez posing in the Range Rover

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