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One of the most ambitious films in cinema history is about to hit theaters around the world when ‘Dr. Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness’ opens next May 4th.

With still a few days to goor, Elizabeth Olsen who plays Wanda, who seems to be the villain of the story, He spoke for the first time about what his role will be in this new Marvel production.

“I think Wanda can beat anyone. She is his worst enemy. She always has to make the decision to walk away from something. I think she’s the most powerful in the MCU.”

It was last year when what would be the first Marve series premiered on the Disney Plus streaming platform.l, ‘WandaVision’ where the term of the “Multiverse” It began to be mentioned without knowing that months later it would become a reality and the central axis of the projects.

“If you know the character, his vulnerability is his strength. And I think she’s incredibly powerful because of her vulnerability.. Now he has more security and control for the first time and I think it will be something new for the fans.”

“With WandaVision I was able to become anything and everything. Become a woman. Direct her to accept that she is a mythical woman and this is her destiny. She has more clarity than ever in this film.”

In this film, the concerns, fears and duality of the character played by Elizabeth Olsen are explored; So said the director Sam Raimi and part of the cast like Benedict Cumberbatch, who praised the atmosphere that the actress imposes on the shoot.

“It’s marvelous. She walks onto the set and everyone is in a better mood. ANDShe doesn’t take herself that seriously yet, and when she does, it’s fascinating to watch her as Wanda. She is a very good actress and a very good friend “Said Benedict.

Also, Elizabeth mentioned that one of her biggest inspirations has been Scarlett Johansson, who played the Black Widow since the first Marvel movies.

“I have admired other actors, especially Scarlett Johansson. She arrives with such property. For the first time, I actually felt that way, unapologetically. And I felt like she was able to have such an influence on what she was doing.”


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