Ellen DeGeneres reveals gender of Jennifer Lawrence’s baby

Jennifer Lawrence and Ellen DeGeneres

The “Don’t Look Up” actress gave birth to her first child three months ago…

Jennifer Lawrence gave birth to her first child from her marriage to Cooke Maroney in February, but the 31-year-old actress has not yet given many details about the baby’s birth. She has neither revealed her name nor her gender.

However, in her recent phone appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, it was the host who ended up revealing the sex of the baby, who is now three months old.

And it was during a conversation with Jennifer that Ellen delivered the information:

“People don’t know this, but I lived in the house you live in now when I started the show 20 years ago,” Ellen told Lawrence on the Monday, May 23 episode.

“Now I live next door to you and I see you living in my house with a new baby,” DeGeneres added. “By the way, sometimes I hear you talking to him,” he said, noting that Lawrence’s conversations with his son are “very cute.”

“I can hear you say, ‘I know! I know,'” DeGeneres explained. “It’s very sweet.”

Ellen DeGeneres didn’t realize she used the word “he,” indicating that the actress is the mother of a boy. But even so, Lawrence did not confirm anything.

In February, news broke that the “Don’t Look Up” star had given birth to her and husband Cooke Maroney’s first child, five months after revealing her pregnancy. Jennifer Lawrence has yet to describe her motherhood experience.

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