Ellen Page, coming out that moves the US. All the stars who have declared themselves


MARIA BELLO chose Thanksgiving to entrust her coming out to the New York Times and to thank her modern family (made up of her son’s father and new partner), Ellen Page instead preferred the feast of lovers par excellence, Valentine’s Day, to say openly (and not without a hint of melancholy): “I’m here today because I’m gay and maybe I can make a difference”. From the stage of Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas, during the “Time to THRIVE” conference, which supports LGBT rights, the actress of Juno said: “I am here to help others have a simpler and more peaceful life … I am tired of hiding and lying through omission. I am here, an actress, representing an industry that imposes oppressive standards on all of us …. Standards of beauty, of well-being, of success. Standards that, it pains me to admit, hurt me … they tell you how you should behave, how you should dress, who you should be. I tried to resist , to stay authentic, to follow my heart; but it can be really hard. “
Within a few hours there were many reactions on Twitter in support of the actress’s choice from many of her fans, but also colleagues from the world of cinema. Emile Hirsh (Into the wild) wrote on Twitter: “Thank you for helping so many people in their daily struggles, courageously setting an example and coming out on Valentine’s Day.” Or Anna Kendrick (Between the clouds): “Crazy, crazy, crazy with love for Ellen Page today. Congratulations on your light, beauty and talent.” But there are reactions also in Italy. Paola Concia, Pd consultant for equal opportunities, writes: “Ellen Page is coming out. Her emotion and her fatigue. Children in schools should see it.”
The coming out of the Canadian actress is also an indictment of a world, that of shows, in which it is not always easy to bring out one’s personality and sexual orientation. Although in recent times there are more and more singers, actors, directors who, by collecting an award, presenting a film, choose to talk about it openly. Jodie Foster retiring her Golden Globe a year ago thanked her ex-partner and declared: “I came out many years ago, at the stone age but then I could only do it to relatives and friends”. Maybe times are starting to change even in Hollywood, certainly they have changed since, seventeen years ago, Ellen De Generes star of a very popular comedy shocked America by declaring from the pages of the weekly Time: “Yes, I’m gay”.

In Italy, after Tiziano Ferro who, on the occasion of his autobiography, managed to open up to a confession about his private life, it is these weeks that Gianni Amelio has chosen to talk about his homosexuality through a film, the documentary Happy who is different, presented at the Berlin Film Festival. The film is dedicated to the image that the media gave to homosexuals in the last century. Of the doc, which will be in theaters distributed by the Istituto Luce from 6 March, the director said: “I hope it is also a political act. It is a work dug into me and that shows moments that for me are intolerable for emotionality” .



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