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Ellen Pompeo has undoubtedly been one of the actresses most faithful to Grey’s Anatomy. For decades this woman has known bring forward his character Meredith Gray who to date and current season 18 It has not stopped being a reference and generating hundreds of opinions about its controversial role.

That is why she has earned all the success, recognition and admiration of the public, but we must also be clear that not everything has been very positive for her, because contrary to what many imagined, the first deliveries They were very hard, difficult to adapt to, but he also had to face one of his greatest fears: comments from the public. and of the experts in analyzing this type of production.

That is why the recent declarations of the actress surprised those who imagined that she enjoyed all the acceptance of the audience and even even his own classmates, but the reality is that from the beginning he had to cope with or deal with very strong comments such as those made about his physical appearance.

Ellen Pompeo received criticism in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ about her physical appearance

Through the podcast hosted by the main character of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was that this outstanding television star revealed everything that he had to live in his beginnings, because there were those who never agreed with his role, because they considered it very frivolous, but what caused him the most pain is that She received harsh comments about her physical condition that many considered inappropriate because she was very thin and this made her look bad.

He also commented on “Tell Me With Ellen Pompeo” that at 33 years old, when he started in this medical drama, his followers, friends and even colleagues came to comment that his appearance was inappropriate that she was not worthy to represent a medical specialist and even that she did not have the qualities to be an outstanding actress, because they did not consider her talented.

at your discretion this generated discomfort, uncertainty and even caused various psychological problems that led her to go to the doctor and above all to seek help that would allow her to feel better and not to externalize all the internal conflicts that these types of comments or accusations generated. That is why a large part of the first chapters of her lived isolated on the set, because for her everything was uncertain, because she did not know if what she was doing was positive for her.

As if that were not enough, his picture worsened when the public compared her with the rest of her coworkers or when they commented that another girl from the cast was a better actress and not her, who was the one on whom much of the dramatic weight fell of the series in which now more than ever he shows that he armed himself with courage and despite adversity he continued forward regardless of what they will say later. Thanks to her strength and medical help, he managed to get ahead and overcome all his fears and insecurities.

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