Elms, banana trees, ash trees and Ginkgo biloba leave a blanket of leaves on the streets of Grenada

Inagra, the street cleaning and waste collection concessionaire company in Granada, continues to move forward with its leaf collection service with the specific degradation of this plant’s waste in the city. Winter season and with the aim of keeping roads and public places, especially intersections and areas where there is a high density of trees, in good condition and protected from possible degradation by citizens.

The Director General of INAGRA, Pablo García, this morning in a tour around Joaquina Aguaras was able to verify the work that workers are doing to collect fallen leaves. elmsOne of the most abundant species in the city, along with the banana trees, the ash trees, the magnificent Ginkgo biloba, which are prominent in the Gran Vía and the Melias, were the first to drop their leaves and were the protagonists of the most significant leaf fall in recent weeks. Due to wind gusts caused by the storm that affected the capital in .

“We are implementing a Very intensive daily work in morning, afternoon and night shifts To provide coverage to all districts and collect leaves quickly,” said García, who pointed out that since last October 19, the action has already been taken on more than half a thousand streets across the city. It is a tool It is composed of 13 street sweepers and 9 pedestrian sweepers, supported by 22 workers with leaf blowers.

As the Director General of INAGRA recalled, the previous phase of the leaf collection campaign began at the end of last September through the city’s general cleaning services, with three reinforcement teams joining in the afternoon in the North, South and Center areas. At the beginning of the campaign, three sanitation workers and six workers with electric leaf blowers were deployed to conduct daily reviews of the most affected areas. The service was ramped up from 19 October with its own equipment to meet the increase in demand, with an average of about 2,000 kg of leaves removed daily, and a staff of 64 operators to respond within days. Access to equipment has been planned. In which excess leaf fall is detected and the demands notified by neighbors are met through the various communication channels with the Company and the Granada City Council that are available to them.

Garcia highlights this, as is usually the case with all that garbage recycling, The leaves collected during this campaign are transferred to a special environmental company for treatment so that they can later be used to convert them into compost. Special attention is required to the banana trees in the Paseo del Salon area, where, due to the large size of the leaves and the softness of the pavement, the collection is carried out in a more manual way using a large vacuum cleaner that deposits directly on a Leaves in the truck.

The person in charge of INAGRA also recalled the use being made in this campaign of electric leaf blowers by the operators in order to reduce as much as possible any possible noise nuisance to the neighbors during the hours set for rest, although he clarified That at all times, the work is carried out respecting the programs established for this purpose in Grenada’s Municipal Cleaning Ordinance. Similarly, and to reduce the impact of pollen particles that remain suspended in the air and which can cause allergies among citizens, wet collection from sweepers is being preferred whenever possible. INAGRA SERVICES ARE EXPECTED continue for several weeks Leaf collection service is active to serve all the districts of the city.


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