Elon Musk discusses with Binance’s CZ: the crypto world is shaking

Elon Musk And CZ of Binance they argued. There is usually a popular saying that “dirty clothes should be washed in the family”. On the contrary, however, the two giants of the economy have decided to do it up Twitter, with all due respect to deference. It all started with a series of difficulties that Binance is having with Dogecoin, the favorite crypto of Tesla’s owner. Obviously after a few hits, CZ decided to respond to the attack by wounding Elon Musk’s pride. Let’s find out what happened and why they ended up arguing by tweeting.

Elon Musk criticizes CZ of Binance who responds in kind

How did the discussion start, which can be summed up in just over a couple of tweets? Simply Binance, for some time now, has been having problems with Dogecoin. In practice, it seems that several crypto transactions, from the exchange to the users’ wallets, have been erroneously carried out several times. This indicates an internal technical problem. Later, to stem the damage and prevent users from using what is not theirs, the platform decided to temporarily block the wallets, preventing users from withdrawing. Hence Elon Musk’s first pungent tweet:

The $ DOGE holders they use Binance they should be protected from errors which is not their responsibility“.

Also, not happy, Elon Musk he decided to rage even more and so, in response to another tweet posted by the official Binance account he wrote: “Hey @cz_binance, what’s happening to your Doge customers? It seems shady“. Obviously this accusatory and, in a certain sense, even illusory phrase aroused the ire of CZ who answered tit for tat. By posting an article published on The Guardian linked to a safety issue that forced Tesla to a maxi recall of 12,000 vehicles, he tweeted:

Elon, we’re pretty sure it’s a problem linked to the latest version of the wallet Doge. We are in contact with the developers. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. What happened?“.

Obviously the tones were then muted, also thanks to an interview by Yahoo Finance, for some time planned, an opportunity for CZ to clarify and seek peace between him and Elon Musk. Here is what he said:

I’m not an aggressive person by nature, but I’m also not a submissive or cowardly person when it comes to defending our company. I see the defense of Binance as my main job, and defense of industry crypto as my life mission. Elon is still my idol. Sometimes it goes too far with Twitter“.

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