Elon Musk enters Twitter headquarters smiling with a sink

Entrepreneur Elon Musk published a video on Wednesday in which he is seen entering Twitter headquarters smiling with a sink on his back, implying that the purchase of the social network came to fruition.

In his account on that platform, the billionaire wrote “Entering Twitter headquarters, take it in!”, a message that included the word “lavamanos” in English, to which he referred humorously during his entrance into the building.

Musk, by court order, must complete the acquisition of Twitter for the agreed 44,000 million dollars at the latest this Friday if he wants to avoid going to a lawsuit promoted by the company after he backed down.

Tesla’s boss tried to negotiate a reduction in the price of the transaction, but Twitter did not accept and, finally, with the judicial process very close, Musk gave up and announced that he agreed to close the operation under the original terms.

The video suggests that the two parties may have already closed the details of the operation, in which analysts saw financing as the main obstacle, before Friday’s key date.

A couple of hours earlier, the businessman had written: “A beautiful thing about Twitter is how it empowers citizen journalism, people can spread news without an ‘establishment’ bias.”

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