Elon Musk is not enough with Twitter, now he is after Coca-Cola

After paying 44 billion dollars for the social network Twitterthe well-known businessman Elon Muskfounder of Teslahas announced this Wednesday that it is going to buy Coca Cola to put “cocaine” back into it.

What at first seemed to be a joke turned into an interesting conversation on his official Twitter account, as several users shared the names of other companies, which he should buy to fix the problems they face.

After this publication, the businessman uploaded the image of an edited tweet, where he promised to buy McDonald’s to fix all the company’s ice cream machines. In the caption of the image he said that he “does not work miracles”, in a mocking tone.

In another of his publications you can read “Let’s make Twitter as fun as possible”, where the owner of Twitter was enthusiastic about his new acquisition of the social network.

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On the other hand, among some of the changes that Elon Musk has proposed to make to Twitter, are encrypting private messages from end to end to prevent hacking, as well as making this social network politically neutral.

This would mean “annoying the far right and the far left alike” so that the app gains people’s trust. Similarly, it went against Truth Social, which is the most downloaded social network than Twitter and Tik Tok according to the app store.

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The businessman said that this application only exists because Twitter censored freedom of expression. Another of Elon Musk’s proposals after buying Twitter was to eradicate the bots from the platform or at least “he will die trying.”

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