“Elon Musk makes me feel ashamed to drive my Tesla”

  • Natalie Sherman & Samira Hussain
  • BBC Business Reporters in New York

Anne Marie Squeo

Anne Marie Squeo says she’s embarrassed to drive her Tesla.

When Anne Marie Squeo took delivery of her flaming red Tesla car in 2020, she felt like she had joined a special “club” of people who were doing something to help the environment, and doing it in style along the way.

But last year, when Tesla owner Elon Musk shared far-right conspiracy theories on Twitter, posted a photo showing guns next to his bed, and proposed a series of solutions to end the war in Ukraine that many leaders politicians rejected, Anne Marie’s satisfaction turned to shame.

“It’s been very depressing, and at times embarrassing, to drive this car,” says the 55-year-old marketing and communications professional who lives in Connecticut, who wrote an article about her discomfort.

I was wondering if people were doingendo judgments about meYo that I didn’t want them to do.”

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