Elon Musk would be terrified of Amber Heard and would have accused her of “being crazy”

Elon Musk would be terrified of Amber Heard and would have accused her of being crazy

Elon Musk would be terrified of Amber Heard and would have accused her of being crazy

Elon Musk and Amber Heard maintained a loving relationship after her marriage to Johnny Depp a few years ago. However, the pair didn’t work out in the long run and they soon went their separate ways. According to new information from GeoNewsa close friend of both would have experienced the dynamics of the romance, concluding that Elon broke up with her because “he thought she was crazy” and feared that she would do something really serious.

heard talked about his relationship with Musk during the recent trial against Johnny in Fairfax County, Virginia. The actress declared that this courtship occurred only after separating from DeppHowever, he declared that it was an affair that was still carried out in marriage. Security cameras recorded Elon Y Amber in her penthouse during a time when she was presumably still engaged to the star of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (79%).

Giapseudonym used by a woman who managed in the inner circles frequented by Musk Y heard, maintains that he took her away from his life for fear of her “outbursts of rage”; he even recommended Gia herself to stay away from the actress for fear that she would do him some harm such as attempting on her life: “He seemed really scared. I think he knew she was crazy enough to do it. And she knew he would be the one she would clean up if she did.”

On June 1, the jurors who handled the defamation case between Johnny Y Amberconcluded that the actress did lie about her relationship with him and that her opinion piece published in Washington Post contains untrue statements that ended up negatively impacting the actor’s career. Now the co-star of Aquaman (73%) is obliged to pay US $ 10.4 million to her ex-partner, but she is still on the way to try a new appeal that frees her from her responsibility; that’s why she hired a new group of lawyers a few days ago.

For now, Amber Heard He has no projects in Hollywood. The last movie she recorded was Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, a DCEU title that promises to be a great success in 2022 but with rumors that do not seem to benefit the actress. It has been commented that, despite having filmed several scenes, Mera’s role in the sequel would have been dramatically reduced due to her interpreter’s bad reputation. There are not a few fans who want to see her out of the saga and she shows through the 4.6 million people who have signed the Change.org petition “Remove Amber Heard desde Aquaman 2”.

For its part, Johnny Depp He came out ahead of the trial and his career in the entertainment industry has a little solidity again. A few days ago the first image of her new film with Maïwenn was revealed and the fans were delighted, in addition, the rumors about his return to the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean They have not stopped flowing on social networks. Will we see him have another big hit on the big screen?

Unlike Amber Heard, he has enjoyed the unconditional support of the public and maintains great popularity among users of the world wide web; the trial sessions in Virginia were filled with fans and it is they who continue to promote the good fame of the actor. There is no doubt that having the court of public opinion on your side is everything.

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