Elsa Leeb married: Michel Leeb’s daughter married her husband, Allan Asle

Elsa Leeb is a happy and married woman! This Saturday, September 24, 2022, Michel Leeb’s daughter married her fiancé, Allan Asle, with whom she had her little Gaïa, born October 8, 2021. The young bride shared several photos of the ceremony on Instagram.

Elsa Leeb is on a little cloud. On October 8, Michel Leeb’s daughter announced with great fanfare the birth of her first child, the fruit of his relationship with Allan Asleactor and adventurer. “On October 8, 2021 at 5:15 am, I understood what it was like to have the most beautiful encounter of your life”, had written the young woman of 34 years. “My Gaïa, you overwhelm me, give me confidence, soothe me, amaze me already so much…”, continued the mother, amazed by her little girl. Before concluding with a tribute to the man of her life: “You were born of an absolutely wonderful and indescribable love with Allan Asle that changed my life. Count on us to share it with you every second. Thank you Allan, thank you life”. And since happiness never comes alone, Elsa Leeb shared this Saturday, September 24, the very first photos taken by her friends on the occasion of her wedding.

Elsa Leeb married to Allan Asle, the first photos of the wedding unveiled

Besides the wedding of Louis Sarkozy and his wife, model Natali Husic, another celebrity wedding took place on Saturday September 24: that of Elsa Leeb and her longtime companion Allan Asle. For the moment, Tom Leeb’s sister has not shared photos on her Instagram account. To soak up the festive atmosphere that reigned this weekend, you have to go to the Stories of the young bride, who, for the moment, was content to share some pictures taken by his friendspresent when Michel Leeb’s daughter said “Yes” to the man of her life.

On one of the photos posted on social networks, we can see little Gaia in a white tulle dress, between his two parents, who exchange a sweet kiss on the steps of the town hall where they promised each other love and fidelity for the rest of their lives. In another photo, comedian Tom Leeb exchanges a tender hug with his big sister. We imagine that emotion was the key word in this marriage of love.


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