Elsa Pataky talks about the transformation her daughter India Rose is going through

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Last May, it was eleven years since Elsa Pataky made her debut in the maternity hospital. India Rose was her first daughter with Chris Hemsworth., whose birth almost coincided with their first wedding anniversary. And now, more than ten years after that, the girl with whom he and the Australian started his family, now numerous, is about to enter that difficult life stage What is this adolescence.

So are the children of Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth.

He frankly spoke about this “melon” in a frank interview with Elle magazine. In it, reflecting on the passage of time, she talked about the challenge she would face as a mother. “Recently, I talked about this with other moms. When they were little, we complained of physical exhaustion, Now it’s time for emotional exhaustion.”expressed.

His children, “especially the eldest”they are included in fragile and vulnerable age in which they seek their identityand you must lead them without hiding your voice.” The responsibility which she takes upon herself as her own, in which influences “everything you say to them and how you express it” In front of them. Something “beautiful” as well as “complex” to which a new element should be added: “social media”.

(My children) are entering a fragile and vulnerable age, especially the older ones, in which they are searching for their identity, and you must guide them without closing your voice.

Else, who has always made sure that her children grow up separately from two world-famous parents, he is “very afraid” that and India Rose, and the twins Sasha and Tristan start acting on a virtual level. “My children are not yet. I try to get them to do a lot of outdoor work, play, compete in sports, even get bored and recharge their batteries. Because life is not in a scroll,” he said. in this report for the Spanish edition of Elle. AND waiting for the time to come (which you know will come)Pataki does everything possible to “delay” it.

A strong personality of India, the eldest daughter of Elsa and Chris

Although she has built her personality over the years, both the actress and Chris Hemsworth, her husband, they always spoke of India Rose as free verse within your clan. A few months ago, Elsa commented the following: “My daughter He, of course, like a child, grew up with two boys and he has a character… Poor whoever is dating her, boyfriend, oh my god. She had to defend herself not from one brother, but from two at the same time, who kept stabbing her.”

This was the last time we saw Elsa with the kids in a supermarket in Madrid.

A strong personality that the Australian was already talking about when his eldest daughter was barely four years old, and spoke about this daily scene in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. “My daughter boys envy. The other day he came up to me and said, “Daddy, I want one of those things that Sasha and Tristan have.. And I: “What do you mean?” She told me, “You know those things that you have between your legs”he said, revealing later, in case there was any doubt, that he meant male genitalia.

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