Emanuela Orlandi: the Vatican reopens the investigation into the case of the mysterious disappearance of the young woman

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Photo of Emanuela Orlandi, who disappeared in 1983

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Emanuela Orlandi was 15 years old when she disappeared on her way home from music class.

The Vatican remains unsolved in one of the most mediatic and mysterious cases of disappearance in the city-state that occurred almost 40 years ago: the disappearance of the young Emanuela Orlandi on June 22, 1983 while returning home after a flute lesson in Rome.

This Monday it was learned that the authorities have reopened the investigation into the case, according to Vatican sources confirmed to local media, after several requests from Emanuela’s older brother, Pietro, who over the years has carried out a campaign to resolve the disappearance. .

According to the news agency AdnkronosThe Vatican prosecutor, Alessandro Diddi, said that “all files, documents, reports, information and testimonies” related to the case would be re-examined in order to “leave no stone unturned”.

In addition, the investigation will also focus on the case of Mirella Gregori, who was also 15 years old when she disappeared in Rome weeks before Orlandi.

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