Embassy of the United States in Cuba announces resumption of the Cuban Parole Program for Cuban Family Reunification (CFRP)

The Embassy of the United States in Cuba has communicated at the last minute the return of the personnel of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) to Havana. This will allow the resumption of operations of the Cuban Parole program for Cuban Family Reunification (CFRP).

According to the statement shared from the US embassy’s Twitter account, pending applications for the CFRP program will begin with full priority.

“We welcome the gradual restart of the Cuban Family Reunification Program in Havana, excited by the return of USCIS staff, and look forward to supporting the CFRP process for the benefit of the Cuban people and Cuban-American families,” the statement said. release.

USCIS is mailing interview appointments

According to the United States embassy in Cuba, the personnel in charge of the USCIS have already begun to send by email the corresponding interview notices to the petitioners of the CFRP program with all the necessary instructions for the applicant’s interview.

It is clarified that since last August 18 the USCIS began to conduct interviews at the United States Embassy in Havana. However, you have a limited quota to conduct interviews at this time. Therefore, applicants should not despair of doing anything until the precise moment in which their petitioner receives an interview notice at the embassy.

Additionally, USCIS is offering general information about the resumption of the program to petitioners with pending applications for the CFRP program. This allows organizing the process based on the oldest requests.

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“USCIS is not issuing new invitation letters at this time. We will update our website and make public announcements when the next round of CFRP invitation notices are issued. A petitioner who previously submitted a CFRP program application that is still pending should not submit another application,” clarifies the US Embassy in Cuba.

Likewise, it is pointed out that if you are a petitioner with a pending application for the CFRP program, you must ensure that both the USCIS and the National Visa Center of the Department of State have your current mailing address.

“To update your address with USCIS, please use our online address change tool. Contact the National Visa Center by sending an online public consultation form”, suggests the embassy in its message to Cuban CFRP applicants.

They also recommend being cautious about scams:

“We will not email or call you asking for money or fees. Don’t be a victim of an immigration scam. Visit the Avoid Scams page for information and resources.”


The CFRP program since 2007 allows certain US citizens and eligible lawful permanent residents who receive a letter of invitation to request reunification with their relatives from Cuba.

In the event that USCIS approves these family members for parole, they can travel directly to the United States and wait on US soil for the end of the immigration process.

Processing of CFRP applications was suspended in 2017 during the Trump administration for security reasons. Since then, Cubans have had to travel to a third country, as is the case with Colombia first, and Guyana later, to complete their application.

The resumption of consular functions at the embassy is a relief for thousands of Cubans. Who have been waiting for years to be able to reunite with their loved ones in the United States.

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