Embrace your inner landlord in the official Sims 4 Rental game

The next expansion for The Sims 4, For Rent, explores the exciting world of property management and getting rich from other people’s rentals. You too can make your dreams of being a real estate agent come true when For Rent arrives on PS4 on December 7.

New game mechanics will allow players to set up additional passive income streams, allowing existing homes to be subdivided. You can rent rooms to other tenants or buy investment properties separately, as long as you have the simoleons to cover the initial expenses.

Set up awkward dinners and chats in shared spaces, allowing tenants to share amenities like the living room or kitchen. Set tough lease agreements and limit what tenants can and cannot do, and fine them for any breaches of the lease, such as making too much noise or allowing trash to overflow. Are tenants late in paying rent? You can recover lost profits by recovering their belongings or evicting them.

It sounds pretty daunting, but we’re sure EA knows what they’re doing now. The successful Sims series will continue together; The Sims 4 will still have content actively developed for it, and The Sims 5 will be a free-to-play alternative, or “free download” as the company likes to call it.

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