Eme Studios invoices 1.2 million euros in 2022

eme studios

Eme Studios: how to invoice 1.2 million in a yearCF

Urban fashion is taking off very strongly in Spain, and we are not just referring to brands like Awake NY, Stüssy, Supreme or Palace; there are many Made in Spain brands created by very young kids who are succeeding among that, the centennials. The rage for urban fashion goes hand in hand of course with the wave of hip hop and the trap, which is accompanied by an aesthetic that they have adopted as their own. The sweatshirts are part of the vast majority of their outfits, some trending shoes are non-negotiable. From this generation have come many influencers and fashion TikTok accounts, brands and even a fair dedicated to this whole world: Scrapworld. Nude Project probably sounds familiar to you, which has been growing at a surprising rate for a couple of years, closing this 2022 with an invoice of 11 million euros. Well, today we come to introduce you to another brand that you should have on your radar because have grown no less than 430% in the last year: Eme Studios.

The origin of Eme Studios

It seems the general trend among the brands of streetwear emerging, but this should not detract from its merit, and it is that Eme Studios was born in the living room of a student flat, from where they conceived the image and identity of the brand, based on young and urban fashion garments, with a special focus on quality. In fact, one of their best-selling garments is the chunky knit sweater, a garment that they launched in white and navy blue and sold out in a few hours. Their drops collections tend to generate a lot of expectation and this has led them to bill 1.2 million euros in 2022. Exceptional growth for a company of its size.

Eme Studios in 2023: the year to continue growing

The brand has stood out for its aesthetics, the attention to detail in its products and especially in the storytelling through the designs on the garments. From the brand, they comment that: “we are incredibly proud of the growth of the last year. This achievement is the result of the hard work and dedication of our team and the positive feedback from our customers. This has only started” . By 2023, they have proposed launching five different collections throughout the spring-summer season and many others for the autumn-winter season, thus hoping to triple their sales. In addition, they point to a international growth and increase the current presence in 50 countrieswhich represent 30% of their sales.

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