Emilia Clarke talks about her painful sex scene in Game of Thrones

game of Thrones According to Ciaran Hinds, who played the menacing raider, this was attributed to the large number of sex scenes, which somewhat overshadowed the quality of its message and imagery. Emilia Clarke got to act in a few of those scenes and she remembers one in particular because of how compromising it was. The actress, who currently stars in Secret Invasion on Disney+, recently revealed It Wasn’t Easy For Her To Explain A Romantic Plot With Kit Harington, who gave life to Jon Snow, as he was her best friend in real life. However, that romance was further complicated when the two had to do an intimate scene Clarke’s brother, Bennett Clarke, was in the camera and photography department. On the stage.

Kit Harington had to ask that Emilia Clarke’s brother be taken off the set

within the framework of TJH Superhero Comic Con and Car Show, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington were having a public conversation when this secret of the HBO production came to light. “I remember the day of our sex scene. My brother was in the photography department that day… And he was on set. Kit said: ‘Guys, you have to get him out of here!’That scene seems to have stuck in Clarke’s mind, both because it caused her great discomfort to be intimate with Harrington and because his brother was roaming around the set And I was going to see it in a slightly risky staging.

Emily Clarke is currently playing the character of Gaia with Marvel Studios.While Kit Harington, who recently became a father again, prepares sequel to game of Thrones with Jon Snow as the protagonist, We still have few details about this new project that further expands the George RR Martin universe, but expect the story to continue where we left off in the original series or, a few years later, with the brand already a top leader. as has been established. seven states. Meanwhile, Clarke will no longer return game of Thrones Because her character lost her life last season, and the Targaryens prequels, dragon houseTakes place long before Daenerys is born.

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