Emilia with Ludmila and Zekka, Aitana with Chanel or Abraham Mateo feed and Yunk dream of Mikko’s number 1. 40 to 1

We have just welcomed the month of August in which millions of you start your holidays. and there’s no better way to do it #Del40al1cocacola, This Saturday we go live a new and exciting edition of the most important country music countdown by Cristina Bosca to find out if there’s a new Number one on the LOS40 list.

feed and yunk miko managed to conquer No. 1 of our charts for the first time in his musical career last Saturday, but artists love it Emilia with Ludmila and Zekka, Aitana with Chanel or Abraham Mateo, among others, They dream of dethroning him and becoming the new king and queen of the list.

classy 101 He is currently the leader of our top, which has added even more heat to a hot summer where Latin urban sounds dominate. we watch it together Lala by Myke Towers at #2, Homeless by Manuel Turizzo, Sebastian Yatra and Beale at #3, Meringue by Manuel Turizzo and Marshmello #4 more clavetto At #5 by Abraham Mateo and Chanel.

But behind this, a long list of famous artists and an incredible number of fans do not stop supporting Rosalia, Maluma, Emilia or Aitana so that they continue to climb the positions. Now is the time to make your mark on the Song of the Summer rankings.

And to all of this we have to add that Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo, from last week, is a candidate to enter the LOS40 list, The American has already been stripped of her driver’s license and is looking to repeat the success with the first single from her new album, Courage, We will see if he manages to make an entry and in what condition. With HT #MiVoto40 the more support it gets, the better it will perform.

also remember You can vote online (900 35 40 40) And choose from one of the great prizes we have to offer in the program. This week, the gift is Funko Guardians of the Galaxy collectible figure.

We’ll introduce new candidates, take a trip through list history in The Time Machine, and of course, we’ll spend an exciting four hours to start the weekend figuring out whether we have a new No. 1 or a repeat. is in the future. High. are you ready

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