Emilio Azcárraga’s Twitter account hacked; owner of América Halftime

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They messed with the account of the mere boss of the largest television station in Mexico! Emilio Azcárraga was hacked on Twitterso the company’s Press team requested help through said social network to be able to reestablish the profile of the owner of the empire and number one fan of Club América.

Hey Twitter, the Emilio Azcárraga account was hacked. Can you send us a DM to address the issue? To the followers of that account, until further notice, any message posted there is NOT official!“, says the message with which they can intervene by a specialist to restore the account of Azcárraga Jean, who has more than a million followers.

Despite the intrusion of hackers, There are no recent messages in the account of the owner of Televisa. The latest dates from December 22, where he showed some images of the end-of-year party organized for his employees.

Americanists ask to “run to Baños” to recover Twitter

This mishap was taken with humor by the followers of the also Club America ownerwho was told that if he wants his Twitter account back, he will need to make “some changes” in the Eaglessince there is a general discontent with the few contracts and with the permanence of Santiago Baños as manager of the sports area.

The last time you saw Emilio Azcarraga in public was in the recent Qatar World Cup 2022where He was present in the three games of the Mexican National Teamwhich as we know was eliminated in the Group Stage for the first time since 1978.

Being the main owner of Mexican soccer, Azcárraga is expected to endorse some changes thinking about the improvement of Mexican soccer in the short term, considering that Mexico will host the 2026 World Cup jointly with the United States and Canada.

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