Emilio Izaguirre pronounces himself on what Troglio said, he talks about the case of Alexy Vega and Rubilio; he announced that signings are missing

The Soccer Club Motagua left for olancho to play the friendly match they have this Wednesday at 4:30 pm against Juticalpa at the stadium Juan Ramon Breve.

Prior to its departure to Olancho, the Nido Azul attended the media and one of the most anticipated was the reaction of the current sports director, Emilio Izaguirrewho commented on the arrival of Alexy Vega, the case of Rubilio Castillo, the signings that they still have planned and the controversy that has taken place this week with Pedro Troglio.


What response do you have from Alexy Vega?

First we are talking a lot with the president of Victoria and we already made him a formal offer, we hope to God that the president and the player accept it so that he is part of us in this tournament.

How long do they have to wait?

We will have the answer by tomorrow at the latest and we hope everything turns out positive. The president told me that he will wait until Thursday.

Have you been talking to Alexy Vega, what does the player think?

I have been talking to him, he has told me that he wants to come to the team, but Victoria is waiting for an offer abroad, but hopefully he will come to Motagua and if he does, he will have to come and sweat his shirt off.

Is Alexy Vega worth it?

The numbers are given to me by Dany Atala, the secretary. Don Eduardo and Pedro authorize and mine is just doing my job. Give Victoria and the player an offer, that does not depend on me.

Are there more signings or is it closed if the Alexy thing is confirmed?

We are looking for a foreigner, be it a central defender or a midfielder. The case of Rubilio is something punctual and waiting. We are also thinking of another four more signings and our idea is to have eight experienced players.

They have sent us résumés and videos of Uruguayans, Colombians, Paraguayans and Brazilians. But it all depends on the teacher.

Rubilio case

I spent talking to him and his lawyer every day. The idea is that the Chinese team wants him back and will depend on him. In the same way, we made an offer to the Chinese club and we are waiting for it to accept and be free to come to Motagua.

What is needed to complete this process?

We only made the Chinese team accept our conditions and we hope that everything is positive for Rubilio to join Motagua.

What happened to Jason Sánchez and Juan Gómez?

Jason asked for the settlement, he did not want to be here, while with Juan Gómez it was different because we made a deal with Elías or that it had to be everyone or nobody. And on the subject of extortion, I don’t know about it and I prefer not to talk about it.

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Were you bothered by what Pedro Troglio said about the Kevin López case?

It didn’t bother me, more like I’m sorry if he got upset and it was something I said at the time and it was misinterpreted. Because the thing was with the agent, they had told me that he was a friend, but he already clarified that this is not the case. I have respect for Troglio and he didn’t have to be upset if he knew it was a lie.

With these additions, are you destined to fight in Concacaf?

We wanted to arm ourselves better, but there is no time. There was only a month of recess and in the short market, nobody is free. More changes will come in June and we have to be ahead of what is coming.

What do you need to reinforce for this tournament?

The most important is a midfielder on the right, then a mixed one that makes us play, that I took corner kicks and free kicks, that’s what we deal with the most at Motagua

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