Emily Blunt in Steven Spielberg’s Prochain? Les pourparlers begin

One of the agreed sources, British actress Emily Blunt, has begun to act in negotiations to unveil the lead role in Steven Spielberg’s long-form film. This encore project has no title, is written as a future film, will be released on May 15, 2026 and will be the first collaboration between the star and the famous director.

Spielberg’s original script tenu secret in the science fiction registry.

If the details of the intrigue are left for instant certainty, the script will an original story created by Steven Spielberg lui-même, in the spirit of science fiction.

You are successfully directing several films and reading a script book. David Koeppa loyal employee who worked not only on Jurassic Park, World War and etc. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull of Royaume.

Emily Blunt Presses for Two Lead Roles in This Big Budget Movie

After the site deadlinewho disclosed information ce long-métrage encore mystérieux serait focuses on two main people.

These are the roles that Emily Blunt embodied in the negotiations of disagreement. The actress who received an Oscar for her performance Oppenheimer It seems like Spielberg’s first choice to make a copy of the second tête d’affaire, pas encore dévoilée.

Tournant on the career of Emily Blunt, a regular at box-office productions

Reval in Le Diable s’habille at PradaEmily Blunt – demonstration of her son’s talent in various records, Edge of Tomorrow To Quiet place on the way killer.

Spielberg will be three fans of the labor idea for the premiere of the British comedy.what is similar to Tourner dans Autumn guy on Ryan Gosling’s cats.

Spielberg’s ambitious and promising project, three years before The Fabelmans.

After reading praise for the latest movie on a date, FabelmansIt’s Oscar 2023 now, Steven Spielberg begins his new life with cinema, spectacle and visionaries.

If the project is confirmed, it will be the first feature-length science fiction film ever made. World War in 2005. Legendaire cinéaste n’a pas fini de nous surprendre and this new film at the casting alléchant s’annonce déjà comme l’un des événements marquants de 2026.

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