Emily Blunt once felt like maybe she missed Tom Hanks during a love scene


Emily Blunt has done a lot of love scenes in her career, but she found her pairing with Tom Hanks a bit strange. However, Blunt also felt that it wasn’t easy for Hanks either, who wasn’t known for such scenes.

Emily Blunt Might Have Missed Tom Hanks During Their Love Scene

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Blunt and Hanks co-starred in the 2007 film. Charlie Wilson’s War, a film that focuses on the fall of the Soviet Union. In the film, Blunt strips down to participate in an intimate scene with his Oscar-winning partner. But she admitted that the scene initially made her a bit uncomfortable.

“It was surreal! And embarrassing, always, because it’s just you with your boobs hanging out, and you have to hope the lighting is good. There are some people who feel good and confident when they strut around in their underwear,” she said in an interview with GQ. “I wouldn’t say I was one of those people. So you become someone who is good at it. But is he such a gentleman.”

He also believed that Hanks might have missed it too due to the age difference and his own clean reputation.

“It could be your daughter. And I’m friends with her son,” Blunt explained. “I did Buck Howard with Colin. And also because Tom Hanks is not known for these types of scenes, for being that type of person, and Charlie Wilson was a great player, he was very promiscuous. And sexy! Tom was really good at it. He is really sexy!”

Emily Blunt no longer plans to do any more nude scenes in movies

The days of Blunt undressing for the camera might be long gone. In an interview with The Telegraph, the jungle cruise The actress shared that her age made her reluctant to do more nude scenes.

“Too bold would be something I wouldn’t go for now. I’m not that interested in doing nudity, because I’m not 22 anymore,” she said. “And it’s really not so much a moral issue as, ‘I’ve done it before and do I really want to do it again?’ Does it serve the movie or is it free and see someone’s tits for fun? Because I don’t think it’s necessary most of the time.”

Emily Blunt once kept true to her promise when she vetoed a nude scene for the 2015 film Hitman. The crime thriller saw Blunt play FBI agent Kate Macer, who would later join a task force dedicated to thwarting major drug dealers. Originally, Blunt was also supposed to strip for a scene in the film.

“That was there originally,” Blunt said once in the howard stern Show.

But Blunt would later veto the idea with her support. Hitman co-star Benicio Del Toro.

Emily Blunt once had a film crew cheer her on after she stripped down for a scene.

Blunt once shared that he agreed to do a nude scene in one of his first movies, which he considered his breakout role.

“Is named my summer of love”, said Blunt once in The Graham Norton Show“It’s about girl on girl, really.”

In the movie she learned what it was like to strip naked for a movie. She also revealed that the scene caused an interesting reaction from the film crew.

“I am surprised when they tell you that the set is going to be a close set. Which means only a limited number of people needed for the shot will be on set. It’s amazing how many necessary people are taking a look,” she joked. “I had to do a scene in that movie where he was standing by a window completely naked. And then I looked down and the whole team was like, ‘Yes!’”

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