Emily Blunt revealed the worst moment of filming series “The English”

Emily Blunt revealed what her worst moments were during the filming of the limited series “The English”, which she stars in for Amazon Prime Video. The fiction, produced by the BBC network, will debut on the platform on November 11.

The British actress, who has starred in films such as “A place in silence” or “Mary Poppins Returns«He said that shooting action scenes with a corset is the most terrible thing he has faced on a shoot, highlighted the Entertainment Weekly portal.

“It’s horrible,” Emily Blunt said of those kinds of scenes. “Terrible, especially because we shot in Spain in the summer and it was incredibly hot. The corset acted like a kind of oven on my organs. There was no room to breathe, “said the artist.

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The aforementioned miniseries is a western created by Hugo Blick (“The Honorable Woman”). Emily Blunt stars as Lady Cornelia Locke, an English aristocrat who teams up with former Pawnee cavalry scout Eli Whipp (Chaske Spencer) to traverse the rugged landscape of the American West in 1890.

According to EW, the inopsis of the fiction highlights that as they travel closer to their destination: Hoxem, Wyoming, facing increasingly terrifying obstacles along the way, they get closer to the truth of their intertwined history. Back in Hoxem, an investigation by the local sheriff, Robert Marshall (Stephen Rea), and the young widow Martha Myers (Valerie Pachner), into a series of strange and macabre murders confronts Cornelia and Eli with their past and the future they must live. .

In addition to her problems with her corset, the interpreter also said that she had some other problem when riding.

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“Rifles and stuff, I was more familiar with that kind of thing. When it comes to horseback riding, I think everyone is like, ‘Oh yeah, I can ride, and then you realize you absolutely can’t,'” he told the publication.

“You start riding a horse and the horse says, ‘You’re the worst rider in the world.’ Basically, I trained, because it was the only thing I could do during covid, since they stopped us, gave us the green light, stopped us again and gave us the green light again for months. It was the best. It was like an outlet for me when everyone was inside (quarantined). It was the only time I went out, and it was the best part of the training; really learn to ride, not just hold on to your beloved life,” she recounted.

Regarding her character, Emily Blunt pointed out that she is a very different woman from the ones you are used to seeing in westerns.

“I found her really amazing. She is definitely not the damsel tied to a tree. She’s a curious person because she comes in as the ideal female, and you think, ‘My God, you’re fried.’ She seems to be in a situation beyond her. Yet she has this flare of revenge running through her, and she comes to this Wild West landscape in order to enact revenge on the man she sees as responsible for her son’s death,” she said. .

He added: “Cornelia is far more capable and resourceful in matters of survival than any of us could have hoped. That’s what I really adored about her. And yet, even though she is someone who has suffered a terrible loss, she is resilient and buoyant and positive and lives more well».

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