Emily Blunt, star of ‘Mary Poppins’, ‘O Diabo West Prada’ and other Hollywood shows, reveals she is Gaguera. movies

Working in cinema, television or theater requires a great deal of phonetic skills from an actor. For Emily Blunt, Atuação represented a way to overcome the communication difficulties that had accompanied her since childhood.

During the Power of Women event (Poder das Mulheres, in free translation to Portuguese) promoted by Variety magazine, the actress recalled the challenges faced by Gaguera and was happy to be able to draw media attention to the case. ,

Emily Blunt at dinner in Mary Poppins Returns (2018) – Photo: Reproducao

The ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ star declared, “I’m grateful to have Gaguera in evidence, because this lackey is often left in the shadows next to her friends: or Mado, a shame and disgrace. “

The possibility of acting more spontaneously while interpreting characters was one of Blunt’s motivations to continue her career. “I wouldn’t say it was the main reason, but I was surprised when I was able to fake it by making silly voices or pretending I was someone else,” she told People magazine.

Actress Emily Blunt – Photo: Getty Images

On the night of the fifth day (16), he received an award for his 17 years of work with the American Institute for Stuttering, a non-profit organization that provides speech therapy in an accessible way.

Blunt confirmed that 80 million people in the world have not been injured by Gaguera. Regarding the causes, he insisted that it is not a psychological problem: “It’s wrong. It’s neurological, usually hereditary. It’s not his fault.”

Emily Blunt at dinner at O ​​Diabo West Prada (2006) – Photo: Reproducao

In any case, Gaguera manifests herself in uncomfortable situations, such as when she is “being challenged”, when she is “scared”, or when she is “under pressure and has to tell someone about something.” There is a need to explain”. It’s the same with therapy, which for Gaguera is “never anything.”

Blunt said, “Gagüera is like a fraudster who lives in his copro. Without paying Alugael. He doesn’t represent you as a person.”

Cillian Murphy and Emily Blunt in ‘Oppenheimer’ – Photo: Reproducao

Emily Blunt, known to the public for her work in ‘O Diabo West Prada’ and ‘A Silent Place’, will be out in 2023 with the film ‘Oppenheimer’ directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Katherine “Kitty” Oppenheimer – biologist and wife Is the body of. Gives name to a long period of time.

Watch the trailer for some of Emily Blunt’s two events:

‘O Diabo wears Prada

‘Or Mary Poppins Returns’

‘a quiet place’


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