Emily Blunt wants Tom Cruise to leave Mission Impossible to make Hollywood’s most anticipated sequel ‘Edge of Tomorrow 2’.

on the edge of tomorrow is gaining more popularity than ever. In 2014, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt starred in a science fiction feature film by Doug Liman in which humanity must face a dangerous unstoppable alien race. With the era of remakes, reboots and sequels Hollywood is experiencing, and taking advantage of the allure of the hero Top Gun: Maverick On billboards and networks, many have wondered Why was the sequel not launched? on the edge of tomorrow, Christopher McQuarrie himself, the director of the latest installments Impossible GoalHe assured that ideas are on the table, but developing the project is complex. Emily Bluntstar of oppenheimer, made sure it’s ready for a edge of tomorrow 2But there’s a lot of focus on Cruise Impossible Goal,

An Edge of Tomorrow sequel isn’t a problem for Emily Blunt, but her partner Tom Cruise is too busy making the Mission Impossible movies.

During an interview with Josh Horowitz on his podcast happy sad confusedcollected in turn by IGNBlunt confirms she’s ready to get down to business with this long-awaited sequel, which will arrive more than a decade after the original work premiered:I’m ready i’m not a jerk, i promise“, the actress debuted. Shortly after, whoever wants quiet place 3 John Krasinski said that Liman had great ideas for a sequel: “wish there was a (sequel)“, he continued. “There was a script that Doug (Liman) gave to me and he said; ‘I would love to do that, but I don’t know when or how.’ How many Impossible Missions does Tom Cruise need? come on!The hero of Mission Impossible has big plans for the continuation of his beloved action saga fatal decisionso it’s likely that the sequel on the edge of tomorrow stand up


At the end of tomorrow 2 there is already a certain hero.

In 2021, it was said that the sequel would happen when Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt’s schedules were clear, but this remains a problem to this day: “We had a great idea for a sequel. i would love to see it done, It’s just that there are a lot of stars that have to align. It’s really complicated,” McQuarrie said in an interview gathered by ComicBook. “I don’t know.” on the edge of tomorrow Currently available on Prime Video,

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