Emily Ratajkowski and other celebrities launched against Adam Levine

Other personalities joined the model, who criticized both the singer and the influencer who uncovered the “supposed” infidelity.

Emily Ratajkowski addressed the infidelity scandal surrounding Adam Levineafter her husband, Sebastian Bear, – from whom she recently separated – allegedly also cheated on her.

The leader of the maroon 5 Band, who is married to the former Victoria’s Secret model, Behati Prinsloowas accused of being unfaithful with the 23-year-old influencer Sumner Stroh.

Stroh used his TikTok account to share screenshots of conversations that he had with Levine, where the artist told him of his intentions to name his third son after her.

After knowing this ‘infidelity’, now the singer is being accused of engaging in ‘inappropriate conversations’ with two other young Instagram modelsone of which alleged that the things even made it to “physical” encounters.

Levine, 43, through a statement shared on his Instagram stories, denied the accusations, however he assumed that made a bad decision speaking in that tone to someone other than his wife.

In relation to all the controversy, Ratajkowski occupied his TikTok account to defend Stroh for having exposed the alleged infidelity. “I don’t understand why we keep blaming women for men’s mistakes, especially when it comes to women in their 20s dealing with men in positions of power twice their age,” the model began, according to ET Online slogan.

The power dynamic is so skewed it’s ridiculous. It is predatory. He’s manipulative,” added Ratajkowski, who filed for divorce from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard for cheating on her with another woman.

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To the above, he added that “if you are the one in a relationship, you are the one who is bound to be loyal” and reflected that the idea of ​​blaming “the other woman” is “designed to keep women apart”.

“I think a big problem in our culture right now is that we just say, ‘Oh, men are monsters, they’re terrible, they’re horrible,'” the model mentioned in a second TikTok video. “We don’t hold them responsible and then blame other women”he expressed.

Finally, she asked “women to adjust their behavior instead of just saying that men need to change their behavior. It’s sexism. It’s classic misogyny.”

On the other hand, the actress Sarah Foster He also took to TikTok to share his thoughts on the matter. on record blamed both Levine and Stroh for the scandal, leaving much of the responsibility at Stroh’s feet.

“This woman chose to make a viral TikTok video and made it available to the world for a pregnant woman to see when she could have DMed her,” Foster said in the post, without referring to Levine or Stroh by name. “We don’t feel sorry for you. You knew this man was married and you participated,” he said.

Who also joined the criticism was the star of “Selling Sunset”, Chrishell Stausewho took to Twitter and commented, “When they apologize for publicly misleading, I hate the part when a man says: we will get through this together. Don’t speak for her. You’ve done enough already.”

@emrata #stitch with @sarasadmomfoster ♬ original sound – Emrata
@emrata #stitch with @sarasadmomfoster ♬ original sound – Emrata

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