Emily Ratajkowski and the trending boxer shorts

emily ratajkoswki boxer shorts

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    Among the aspirations of fashion, reach a sector non-gender seems to be one of the goals already raised in the agenda of most creative directors. Since the suits made their way into women’s daily uniforms at the hands of Yves Saint Laurent back in the 70s with Le Tuxedothere were many trends that began to combine men’s and women’s fashion: ties, moccasins, blazers and even the highly controversial hats that took their first steps in the women’s wardrobe in their cloche version.

    Over the years and society has been claiming over time to dilute these gender boundaries in the industry and, on the catwalks and in the street style, we can already find unisex pieces or winks and references that begin to bring postures closer together. When, in addition, a fashion reference like Emily Ratajkowski comes out on stage wearing a garment that could perfectly fit in her partner’s wardrobe, then, we are facing a new fashion phenomenon.

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    The model has shared on her Instagram profile two images in which she poses in Florence with a white monochrome outfit in which the focus of attention has fallen on her shortsa hybrid design that oscillates between baggy sweatpants and boxer shorts.

    The Emily Ratajkowski’s eye-catching bet was a white openwork piece, with an inner lining and rubber at the waista silhouette that follows all the patterns of intimate men’s underwear, but that, combined with the rest of the garments he chose, fits perfectly as a piece suitable for day-to-day use on the asphalt.

    Emily decided to accompany these shorts with a white bra, an unbuttoned shirt also openwork and sneakers of the same color from Superga, a firm for which he is in Italy as a campaign image presenting his novelties in collaboration with Pitti Uomo.

    The result of this set was a complete success that also reminds one of the outfits that we could recently see Anne Hathaway as a guest at the Bulgari high jewelry show for which she opted for some shorts sneakers with rubber on the waist and a shirt oversized.

    emily ratajkowski

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    Now that the lingerie and the silhouettes naked they invade fashion proposalsit seems that the underpants-style shorts also seek to sneak into the outfits from the street to impose themselves, going from occupying a secondary role to being true protagonists.

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