Emily Ratajkowski confirms her presence at the Victoria’s Secret 2023 event with this beautiful lingerie

This image, which quickly went viral on social networks and received thousands of likes in a matter of seconds, marked the return of the talented model to the catwalk. Victoria’s Secret 2023. The program has been a source of fame for many recognized models, Many fashion lovers are eager to see it Ratajkowski And new models too.

Yes, OK Emily Ratajkowski Needless to say, Trampoline, already known for its beauty and unmatched style, has also joined the list of names that are part of the long-awaited event. Victoria’s Secret 2023. The model, who has worked with many famous fashion brands, has kept little information about her catwalk career, but this recent revelation has piqued the interest of her followers and the fashion press.

Emily Ratajkowski poses in black lingerie for the Victoria’s Secret 2023 promotional video. , Credit: @emrata.

But that is not all, Emily Ratajkowski It takes black lingerie to a whole new level with its defiant and seductive attitude. Her direct gaze at the camera and her complete confidence make this image a real stroke of empowerment and complete comfort.

Are you looking for inspiration for your intimate apparel? election of Emily Gives you a style lesson on how to combine elegance and charm in a single outfit. Their lingerie selection is not only sophisticated but also timeless, proving that black lace never goes out of style.

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