Emily Ratajkowski quits Hollywood over sexism


Emily Ratajkowski had become firmly established in hollywood with a rising career. Her debut on the big screen was in 2014 with gone girlalong with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, and since then had a steady career in hollywood. She starred in the comedy I Feel Pretty with Amy Schumer, In the Darkness with Natalie Dormer, and was the star of welcome home with Aaron Paul.

Despite her success, her career has had its ups and downs, and after a failed audition in the film Triangle of Sadnessthe 31-year-old actress explained why she decided to leave the world of acting forever.

In a recent interview, Emily Ratajkowski revealed that from her youth she began in the world of acting, but that her agents began to focus on her image to sell her as an actress with a wide range. However, she felt that these strategies implied objectifying her before powerful men and she did not feel like an artist. This frustration had already been expressed in his book my bodywhere she also discussed her strained marriage to producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, who has been accused of sexual harassment on the sets of Uncut Gems and good time and that he had a close relationship with Harvey Weinstein.

Emily Ratajkowski She has been through a series of negative experiences in the entertainment industry, including her disappointment upon realizing that her image was sold as a sex object to please powerful men. Her ex-husband, a film producer, was accused of sexual harassment and was part of Harvey Weinstein’s close circle. ratajkowski she has also faced difficulties in the judicial system due to her gender and her decision to speak publicly on these issues. Consequently, he decided to fire his team in 2020 and take the reins of his career.

In a recent interview, Emily Ratajkowski talked about how the sexism in hollywood and her own experiences led her to lose interest in the male point of view. She also shared that she does not want to continue submitting to the power dynamics that are imposed in the industry, especially in the so-called “Toby clubs”.

“I am no longer interested in the masculine point of view, which is the one that dominates hollywood. Because there are many lies, and I don’t mean infidelities. The world is so fucked up hollywood It’s very fucked up, and it’s very dark.”

In the same interview, Emily Ratajkowski stressed the importance of defending actresses like Sydney Sweeney, who has received criticism on social networks for showing her body. For her, the real problem lies in the sexist industry and the power dynamics that men in power perpetuate, despite the fact that women are often the focus of controversy and criticism.

“Can we stop blaming Sydney Sweeney for posting sexy photos or the girl who had an affair with Adam Levine? We blame them as if they are harming women.

But when power dynamics are so skewed, why do we put all the weight only on women?

The actress Emily Ratajkowski described the pressure, the sexism and the tense dynamics within the entertainment industry as factors that led her to move away from acting. To explain how she feels now, she used an analogy with the myth of Pygmalion, in which a Greek sculptor falls in love with his own creation and, thanks to the goddess Aphrodite, comes to life. In this sense, ratajkowski She said that now she feels more like a creator than a muse, as if she had brought her own perfect image to life.

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